Registration Opens December 1st, 2018

Program begins Feb. 11th - May 9th , 2019

After School Rock Band, Private Lessons and Small Group Lessons is now a sliding scale, fee-based, 12-week program!  Mark your Calendars for December 1st, 2018 when we open registration. We take the first 100 girls who sign up. 

AGES: 7-17 years old, all levels of experience welcome. 

COST: $25-$375 (sliding scale fee). Families self select the fee that works best for their family. Fee covers 12-weeks of program.  

LOCATION: Mackenzie Adult Building • 3111 Mackenzie Adult Building • Santa Barbara • CA 93101

What is Rock Band?

Students attend weekly semi-private music lessons in either vocals, drums, ukulele, guitar, bass, or keys followed by an hour of band practice where they will write an original song with their band mates to perform at the spring Showcase. No Experience Necessary. Girls are placed in bands based on age and experience.


  • Monday Rock Band  3:30-5:30: Electric Youth ages 7-10 ( 12 spots available) 
  • Monday 30 Min. Private Lessons  5:45-7:45: Any Age (8 spots available )
  • Tuesday 30 Min. Private Lessons 3:30-5:30: Any Age (8 spots available) 
  • Tuesday Rock Band 5:45-7:45: Amplify ages 13-17 (15 spots available) 
  • Wednesday Rock Band 3:30-5:30: Generation Pop ages 10-12 (15 spots available) 
  • Wednesday Small Group Lessons 5:45-7:45: ages 10-13 (16 spots available) 
  • Thursday
    • 3:30-5:30: Electric Youth ages 7-10 (12 spots available) 
    • 5:30-7:30 Amplify ages 13-17 (15 spots available) 

SHOWCASE: TBA Santa Barbara, Ca.


Electric Youth ages 7–10

• Learn/improve skill in drums, vocals, guitar, bass, keys, ukulele, songwriting, and stage performance.

• Returning students and campers encouraged to take at least 3 terms of 3 instruments.

• Introduction to workshops tailored to their age level.

• Emphasis on introductory music theory/songwriting skills, inclusion, making friends, cooperation, and having fun.

• Write and perform an original song at the Showcase.

Generation Pop ages 10–12

• For new and returning students and campers, beginner to intermediate music theory instruction, songwriting and performance.

• Technical and experimental skill based curriculum for guitar, drums, bass, vocals, keys and ukulele in a fun, positive and supportive environment.

• Female role models pay special attention to group dynamics to inspire collaboration, listening, communication, respect, and having a blast.

• Returning students and campers are encouraged to gain a beginner/intermediate level of understanding in 3 instruments and intermediate/advanced level in 1.

• Learn and perform a cover song along with the mandatory original song at the Showcase.

Amplify ages 13–17

• Open to new and returning students with zero to advanced experience with music, photography, film making, and journalism.

• Technical and experimental skill based curriculum for guitar, drums, bass, vocals, keys, ukulele, digital photography , film making and music journalism.

• Student/Camper self-directed focus on writing at least 2 original songs, learn skills in sound and recording engineering, perform at a Showcase, participate in an art show, and/or get work published on a blog.

• Self-direct band practice when ready. Hone skills in having a productive and fun band practice.

• Choose to continue with a band or instrument, or try something new.

• Develop technical skills of music as well as the social and critical thinking skills that naturally occur within the process of songwriting.

• Special emphasis on development of empathy, respecting differences, teamwork, sharing and incorporating new ideas, experimentation, self-acceptance, confidence building, and respect for one’s self and others.

• Returning students are encouraged to gain an intermediate/advanced level of musicianship in 3 instruments as well as songwriting, and a basic understanding of 2 instruments, how to operate a practice PA, and how to roadie, including set up and breakdown a practice space.

Intern ages 15-17

• At least 3 after school terms or 2 weeks of Amplify Summer Camp are required to qualify for an internship.

• Interns model the mission and core values of Girls Rock Santa Barbara.

• Demonstrate intermediate understanding of at least 2 instruments, advanced understanding of 1.

• Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of self-directed, collaborative and inclusive songwriting and band practice basics.

• Training is provided to develop a basic understanding of all instruments taught at Camp, including tuning, chords, and drum beats (training provided).

• Must be able to lift heavy equipment, to follow the direction of intern crew leader, and willing to learn how to set up each practice space and move equipment safely and efficiently.

• If an instrument/vocals intern, must be able to teach and perform the Camp theme song.

• You may apply to be an apprentice to a specific instructor, coordinator, sound tech, band coach, photo/video/social media tech, or other position at camp.

• Interns do not get instrument instruction, but may form bands with other interns to write a song for the Showcase, or play with a camper band, always prioritizing internship duties and clear it with the intern leader.  

• Emphasis on learning advanced skills in leadership, teaching, and youth/peer mentorship, technical and creative musicianship, as well as having fun, socializing, and hanging out.
• At your request, we are happy to write a letter of recommendation for you if you fulfill all of your internship duties responsibly.

Photo & Film

Get immersed in the art and craft of digital photography and film making. Utilize the tools necessary to capture great images and refine them through digital imaging. Photo and Film Enroll on a rolling basis. Program begins Feb. 15th , 2019

COST: $0-$100 ( sliding scale fee). Fee covers 10-weeks of program.


  • Wednesdays, 4:00-6:00, Ages 10-12
  • Thursdays, 4:00-6:00, Ages 13-17

LOCATION: Mackenzie Adult Building • 3111 Mackenzie Adult Building • Santa Barbara • CA 93101


More about Girls Rock Photo & Film

Students develop the skills necessary to research, compose, and capture digital photographic projects in a hands-on course. Students are encouraged to be creative, but are also taught to think of each project as a concise statement of artistic, documentary, and/or journalistic intent. They expand their repertoire of techniques with light and shadow as they work with professional lighting and grip hardware, as well as inexpensive and unconventional practical sources of light and shadow. GRSB provides all equipment.

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