At Girls Rock SB, it is our mission to be accessible to all girls regardless of their families' financial situation. Applying for financial aid will not affect your chances of getting into a program, and we encourage you to ask for assistance if you need it. If you are able to pay the full summer tuition of $395 ($1200 for Amplify Sleep Away Camp), do not fill out this form. We use the following HUD recommendations in determining financial aid.


The following serves only as a guideline and is not a strict determination of how much financial aid you will receive.  This process is confidential.

  • Household income < $25,000: Tuition range is Day Camp $0–$75, Sleep Away Camp $0-$250 . Most of our full financial aid goes to campers from households with a total annual income of less than $25,000.
  • Household income $25,000–$40,000: Tuition range is Day Camp$75–$250, Sleep Away Camp $250-$800 . Please indicate how much you can pay for tuition.
  • Household income $40,000–$60,000: Tuition range is Day Camp$800–$1000, Sleep Away Camp . We generally grant financial aid to families within this income range only if they have extenuating circumstances.
  • Household income > $70,000: We are generally able to consider financial aid for this income range only in extreme, extenuating circumstances.

We cannot grant financial aid due to the students being enrolled in multiple after school programs, or other situations involving elective activities. Due to our limited funds, we cannot afford to grant every financial aid request, and we prioritize families with the greatest need. Please fill out the form below and email a copy of last year's tax return or proof of qualifying for a school lunch program.