Practice does an instrument good.


 We offer the best price on music lessons in Santa Barbara County.

$60/month girls receive a one-hour lesson /week with a 4:1 small-group ratio

$120/month girls receive a 1/2 hour lesson/week private lesson

$220/month girls receive a one-hour/week private lesson

We offer instrument lessons on drums, electric violin, ukulele, piano, voice, guitar or bass every day of the week . For semi-private lessons girls are placed in small groups based on age and experience. GRSB strives to offer a high-quality music education that balances the technical aspects of music with the creative. Our parent feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Things we hear constantly are, " I never have to ask my daughter to practice. She is so excited when she comes home from her lessons that she begs us to play more." "Her confidence has sky-rocketed. Playing in a small group has helped her feel more comfortable as an individual." & "She has learned more with Girls Rock and excelled faster than any other lessons we have tried, but better yet, she LOVES learning music."

WHO: Girls 6–17 years old.  Girls are grouped by age and experience level.

  • Beginner: she has never played her chosen instrument before
  • Intermediate: she has played her chosen instrument for at least six months
  • Intermediate/Advanced: she has played her chosen instrument for over a year

TEACHERS: Girls Rock recruits instructors with a passion for both music and teaching; many have degrees from prestigious schools of music. Learn more about our staff here

WHEN: Please fill out form to schedule your lesson.

WHERE: 810 East Guitierrez, Unit D, Santa Barbara, CA

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