We have an incredibly diverse range of activities offered every day at camp. We hire counselors with extensive experience in each special program area, and send additional staff to every busy activity period to ensure that campers receive plenty of supervision to safely have fun at camp. 

  • Devin Davis- Summer Director has studied contemporary songwriting and independent music production for over a decade. She plays a multitude of instruments, but guitar and voice are what she loves the most. After teaching for many years, Devin moved to Los Angeles to focus on being a career musician. She currently fronts the alternative rock band Ramonda Hammer, and as a huge advocate of the DIY musician life, Devin manages her band, produces their videos and marketing content, and books their tours all over the North America. Devin still loves to teach and when she's not on the road, she's at GRSB!
  • Sierra Reeves -Summer Director  loves writing music, playing guitar, bass, and piano. However, singing is her most favorite. As a young girl, she found much power in creating music, it helped her grow strong and sure of herself. Now, she is so excited to be passing along the magic to the girls at camp, so they too can grow strong. 
  • Jamey Geston is an emerging singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist (vocals, guitar, ukulele, piano, & bass). Her music has a natural throwback to the sixties with a mix of new acoustic and electric sounds ranging from dreamy surf to folk pop. A seasoned performer, she has opened for Award-winning folksinger, Judy Collins, legendary musician, Peter Frampton, Grammy-winning guitarist, Albert Lee, ‘First Lady of Woodstock’-Melanie Safka, American Idol Runner Up-Crystal Bowersox, She was invited to play the Winter NAMM Show 2016 in Anaheim for the four straight year and has toured throughout California, Colorado, Arizona & Louisiana. She has been performing and singing on stage since she was three, started playing guitar around ten, then self taught  herself piano, ukulele, bass, at eleven she started songwriting.  "What inspires me to make music is my ongoing enjoyment for music. I like listening to other artists and being inspired by little aspects of a song and creating and thinking of new things I can do with it. Also, seeing female musicians who are pushing the boundaries and doing so much for themselves is awesome to see. It motivates me so much. I love girl power.” Jamey has been involved with Girls Rock SB as a volunteer and a performer since 2013.
  • Deirdre Lynds is a Santa Barbara native who has been playing in rock bands since the age of 15 after taking up the guitar at age 10.  After completing her undergraduate degree in guitar and composition at UCSB, she relocated to San Francisco where she got her Master’s in composition from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.  Despite some success in the classical world (her flute and guitar piece John Doe’s Running was published and won the National Flute Association’s award for Best New Work of the Year), Deirdre could not resist her need to rock.  She co-formed the instrumental rock/fusion group Headshear with writing partner guitarist Gwynn Adams and performed around the Bay Area for 10 years.  The group was signed to Seattle indie label Big Balloon Records and put out the self-titled CD Headshear in 2007.  During this time she also played mandolin in several old-timey/Celtic groups, mainly playing for Contra dances all over California, and continues to play drums in a B-52’s tribute band, Private Idaho.  Deirdre moved back south in 2012, where she has been working with Girls Rock SB since their very first summer.
  • Joanne Spataro is a copywriter and humorist living in Charlotte, N.C. Her copywriting clients are in professional services, including legal, medical and data analytics), retail and pop culture. Her focus is on telling your story your way. Check out her portfolio here to see examples of her sponsored content, web copy, brochures and video scripts. In addition to copywriting, Joanne’s critical, refreshing perspective on social issues and pop culture can be seen in ViceBustle, The Establishment and The Huffington Post. Her piece on the best nachos in Charlotte for CharlotteFive exploded with page views and became the front page story of The Charlotte Observer’s Friday E&T section.
  • Emily Myren hails from a little town on the east side of Indianapolis. She grew up singing, finding inspiration from local musicians and performers in the area, fascinated by their grand beautiful displays of self expression and confidence. Self-taught guitarist from the age of 14, Emily was in several bands throughout highschool and her years at Ball State University but she always felt her most at home behind an acoustic on stage. Releasing her third solo album this month, she performs in the Indiana, Chicago, and Ohio area mostly but has aspirations of traveling with her acoustic making music around the world. In her free time Emily loves taking care of animals, reading books, and listening to social science podcasts. Emily started with Girls Rock Indianapolis in 2016 and hopes for a long future spent with Girls Rock!
  • Rita Groetz is a mechanical engineer from Buffalo, NY. A self-taught guitarist, she has been playing since she was 14. Two years ago, she finally started her first band and has since played in several Buffalo punk and hardcore bands. She loves writing and performing music, and encouraging other women to do the same. In her free time, she loves to rock climb, and is an instructor at a local climbing gym. Rita likes to stay busy, and is currently playing in Tina Panic Noise, Removers, Nicky Reynolds & His Pushers, and a KISS cover band.
  • Jena Douglas has been a singer/songwriter for over 30 years. She has a BA from University California Santa Barbara in music. She wrote the how-to/self-help book called, Change The World-Write Your Song! fundamentals and beyond for the aspiring singer/songwriter book I. She teaches voice, songwriting, guitar, piano, bass, drums, performance and uses her many skills as a seasoned musician and parent to teach girls from 6 to 17 for a non-profit after school program called, Girls Rock SB. Jena Douglas also performs with a couple of bands, one that features original songs written by Jena Douglas called, Jmuse and the other is a Linda Ronstadt Tribute band called, Linda Nonstadt and The Stone Phoney.
  • Shanna Doolittle has been involved with the girls rock camp movement since it's inception in 2001. She is dedicated to the mission, pedagogy and philosophy of GRSB and it's affiliated camps around the world. She teaches drums, Image and Identity, Screen Printing, and other workshops. She has experience with staff, board, volunteer and mentor training and coordination, program directing, and almost anything else Girls Rock Camp related. She has recorded, played shows, managed PR, and toured the US and world many times as a drummer in The Haggard, Shemo, Cadallaca, and a handful of other bands and projects. She appears in Girls Rock! The Movie, and the Portland Rock Camp book Rock 'N' Roll Camp for Girls How to Start a Band, Write Songs, Record an Album, and Rock Out! She currently performs at live shows with the electrogoth project Hurtr
  • Ruth Tyson is from Washington, DC with a passion for social justice and music. She fell in love with Girls Rock! in 2011 after seeing her cousin perform at the DC camp's showcase. She wished she had the same empowering opportunity when she was younger and has been volunteering with them ever since. She spends most of her time advocating for social justice with a focus on access to healthy sustainable food in the District, but is learning to play the guitar and drums and hopes to be in a band some day. 
  • Elle Naef is a a content manager, nanny, and music curator who has been involved with Girls Rock for 3 years. She grew up in a small mountain town in Colorado, and by her teen years fell in love with the city. With city life came the Denver music scene, and once she discovered her passion for production she hasn't looked back.. Elle has been booking shows, helping bands with promotions, and helping create other community connections in the industry for ten years, and enjoys encouraging the pursuit of passion for others.
  • Mary Krans- In truth, I consider myself to be honest and brave. The decisions I've made, the things that I've done, are a reflection of that. That being said...The things that are awesome about me:
    - I grew up in a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. So small in fact, that we had to share a zip code with the next town.
    It allowed for me to be a dreamer, and dream of places, that one day I would see. Me, Mary Louise Krans, a world traveler and post-it note adventurer.
    - As the story has been related to me: when I was a toddler, I couldn't keep my hands off my grandmother's piano. I was so drawn to music at an early age: I really understood it's worth. I began playing the piano at the age of five; studying music most of my life.
    It brings me great satisfaction to play and even more so to teach. To me, music equals joy and to share that is joyous.
    - When I was a teenager, I wasn't allowed to listen to Rock and Roll. It was considered evil, in the Baptist Church that my family attended.
    So, I would take the songs from the Hymnal and create something funky and fun. Thus creating who I am today, a songwriter and a rebel.
  • Lara Americo has been a voice for transgender rights since 2016, when House Bill 2 passed in the North Carolina General Assembly. She spoke at TEDxCharlotte in front of over 1,000 people, and has been booked for speaking engagements in cities within North Carolina including Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville and Winston-Salem. Around the country, she has spoken in New York City, Connecticut and Santa Barbara. She is a self taught multi instrumentalist who self produced and recorded her latest EP "She/They". She regularly tours the east coast to promote this EP and her rock duo, JoRa. Her music describes her experience as transgender woman of color living in the south.
  • Geexella describes herself as a bleeding heart, rainbow fueled, passionate nightingale.  She fuses southern hip-hop with bachata, a style of romantic Latin American music that originated in the Dominican Republic.  GeeXella uses music to invigorate the souls and stimulate the minds of her audiences. Since 2014 GeeXella has served Girls Rock Jacksonville as a co-organizer. She loves teaching social justice and working with radical youth. This is her first time volunteering at a camp out of her city & first time in SoCal. 

  • Claire Rossi is an 18 year old film student from Santa Barbara. She left her public high school when she was sixteen years old, and started her junior year in an independent studies program that allowed her to take film classes at Santa Barbara City College. She has worked on over eight short films in the past two years. She starts her freshman year of college at SBCC this fall and is majoring in film production. She is passionate about movies, photography, writing, theater, and girl power! 

  • Alejandra “Alex” Valencia was born and raised in the city Oxnard, the city she calls home.  Her passion for music stems from waking up to her father records on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Growing up in a bilingual household her musical palate was always been something she cherishes and embraces since day one. She considers music to be the universal language that bridges gaps, destroy barriers and creates relationships that last lifetimes. She has been playing drums since the age of 13. Known for not being afraid to play loud, Alejandra loves teaching young girls the magic of music, and the power rhythm.

  • Zoe Zelkind likes to write songs and sing them. She is learning how to record and produce. She loves bad movies and good movies. She also loves dogs, music,hiking, swimming, travel, and the arts in general. On and off vegan and on and off foodie.

  • Chloe Housh has been playing music for the past five years and began teaching at Girls Rock as an intern a year and a half ago, after having attended as a student. She plays guitar and ukulele but focuses mainly on bass and vocals, which she plays with her band "The Chaperones."

  • Adrian Lindsey recently graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with minors in Child Development and Women’s & Gender studies. Her dream career is to be a child and family therapist. She has interned at Cal Poly’s Children’s Center and worked in after school programs for Parks and Recreation. She learned to play ukulele in third grade and has played guitar since fourth grade. At 13 she attended Rock and Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, Oregon. Seven years later she volunteered for Girls Rock Camp in her hometown, Santa Barbara. This summer she looks forward to returning to Girls Rock Camp SB as an instructor.


  • Liliana Johnston - 16 is a sophomore at Santa Barbara High School. She enjoys playing guitar and ukulele, acting, singing, dancing, baking, and social justice. She has been learning/playing guitar for three years and enjoys it as much as ever. She just finished her fifth production with SBHS Theatre Company, Bullets Over Broadway, which closed on May 7th. Liliana has been singing since she was a todler, whether it be for musical theatre, or with her community’s group, The Chumash Coastal Family Singers. She is currently attempting to turn her Instagram into a social justice blog. She enjoys listening to music of all genres (except country), riding her bike, playing with her cat, Fiona, and spending time with her friends.

  • Noa Sperber is a 17 year old who studies at Pierce College in LA, when not writing books, recording podcasts, playing keys, finishing an EP,  running a media analysis blog, trying to act cool, and working at Girls Rock.