We all have a passion for music.


2019 is the 5th year of our volunteer exchange program. We are eager and excited to work with a variety of people from around the world who can bring their local Rock Camp spirit to GRSB. In an effort to expand the networking and learning opportunities with our community at large, we want to facilitate ways for volunteers from other camps to come to GRSB. We strive to create ways in which our guest volunteers and our camp can learn from each other while bonding though the Rock Camp experience. After going through our volunteer exchange program you are eligible to be on paid staff with GRSB. 


We accept volunteer and staff applications on a rolling basis. Whether you're great with kids or a wiz at social media marketing, there's a 99% chance we have a place for you. Please fill out the staff and volunteer application and we'll be in touch. Our programs run year round, so any time is the right time to apply.

Guest musicians and bands perform each day during lunch at GRSB summer programs. Any and all genres of music are welcome. Performances should be approximately 25 minutes long, followed up with 5 minutes of q and a. We are beyond excited for you to show our girls your awesome music! 

Positive female mentors are at the core of our mission. Everyone at GRSB is a role model who has the ability to lead by example. We strive to create an environment where our campers see self-identified women performing and displaying not only their music, but their character, soul and personality on stage. We believe that the bands that come to our camp, not only give our campers perspective on many kinds of music, but also embody the spirit of what GRSB is about.


Girls Rock SB Ambassadors connect the community with our programming, events, mission and opportunities. With such a high demand for ways to get involved with our organization we decided to create a program that helps to do just that. This is a perfect program for someone who feels passionate about our mission and who wants to support us by helping spread the word about us via social media, distributing promotional materials, and otherwise boosting our presence online and around town. All of our Ambassadors are listed in a special section of our website.

GRSB Ambassador Program

Internships are open for experienced campers ages 16-18. This is a great opportunity for high school students looking to fulfill community service hours required for graduation. Every summer we choose a handful of high school students to intern with us. This is a special opportunity for older, experienced teen musicians to get more involved behind the scenes at camp, develop leadership skills, and transition into becoming a GRSB volunteer or organizer in the future. If this is something you are interested in please contact us.

If you would like to apply for an internship, please contact us and include the following information:

A brief history of your experience at GRSB and other girls rock camp programs

Your musical skills and interests

Workshops and activities you might enjoy co-leading

What the mission of GRSB means to you

Teen Internships and Community Service

We are always looking for positive female identified role models to teach workshops. We schedule workshops every weekend during the year and every day during summer camp, spring break camp and winter break camp. We are looking for workshops including, but not limited to:

screen printing

Merch weekend : screen printing, buttons, zines

self defense

audio engineering

photography and film making ( i.e. music video making etc)

experimental noise and soundscapes

how to fix your guitar and amps

live sound engineering

graphic design

booking shows and getting paid

DIY touring

social media for musicians

music Herstory


album art

advanced band camp ( 2 day weekend intensive)

drums, guitar, keys, bass, vocals intensives


age appropriate anti oppression discussions

other ideas welcome!

 Please contact us for more information. 

Workshop Proposal