Amplify Sleep Away Camp 2018

Camp Info For Parents

Amplify Sleep Away Camp is a unique summer program that is currently offered for six weeks during the 2018 summer season. Girls ages 10-16 years old choose a creative arts track and develop technical, creative and life skills while working together, taking fun and creative workshops, and developing self-esteem tools. Campers enroll in one track per week, no previous experience necessary.


Campers choose to focus on drums, guitar, bass, vocals, or keys, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. In one week, campers form bands, write original songs, and perform in front of a sold out crowd. Morning sessions consist of small group instrument instruction and a workshop. Workshops at camp may include music history, songwriting, zine- and comic-making, screen printing,  beat boxing, DIY recording, self-defense, alternative instruments, and more. Every day at lunch, different guest artists will take the stage to perform, talk about their work, and take questions from campers. After lunch, campers have plenty of time to jam, write, and rehearse their band’s songs.


Girls learn extensive photography and film making skills. Highlights include filming and directing a music video and learning photo editing skills including Adobe Photo Shop and Final Cut Pro. Each student will have an opportunity to have their piece published online and to start building a professional portfolio.While girls who enroll in this program share the campus with the rock camp, it is really a separate experience with separate classrooms, instructors, and workshops. Girls enrolled in this program have the amazing opportunity of being junior photographers and writers for the Santa Barbara Independent. Each week, campers produce work that is then released online with the publication.


New for 2018 The Journalism Track: Learn the ins and outs of journalism. Each student will have an opportunity to have their piece published online and to start building a professional portfolio via our partnerships with local weekly papers.


New for 2018 Music Production and Engineering : Learn about the music production process—including recording, editing, and mixing—and the tools available to you to create contemporary music on your computer. We will explore setting up a recording studio, working in Pro Tools, creating beat sequences, working with MIDI tracks, and more.


New for 2018 DJ Track: This introductory Track is the best starting point for anyone who is just beginning to learn about DJing. Skills learned include: Understanding the DJ station, the individual components of a DJ rig, and their functions during the mix performance, How to set up and organize your performance space so you can learn clutter-free, and Basic music theory for DJs and understanding common musical structures for DJ music styles.


Tuition is $1099 per camper for each week of Amplify Sleep Away Camp. Limited financial aid is available to those in need. Any Girls Rock SB tuition above and beyond $325 is considered a donation. Many campers attend camp for multiple weeks. For those staying over on a weekend, weekend programming and activities are provided.



If you change your mind about attending Amplify Sleep Away Camp for any reason, your full tuition minus $100 dollars is refundable up until one month before program begins. After the deadline, we cannot offer a refund; however, we are more than happy to write you a tax deductible receipt.

Amplify Sleep Away Summer Camp Details

  • Campus - 2018 marks our fourth year of Amplify at the Ojai Valley School Upper Campus. OVS operates as a boarding school for youth from around the world. Our dedicated daily use of the campus includes classrooms for instrument, band practice, workshops, photography and journalism instruction, the dormitories and their common areas. The “congress” assembly hall, the outdoor areas of the volley ball court and parking lot, and cafeteria. We also  go swimming during free time, and one day per session we attend a ropes course class under OVS staff supervision and guidance.
  • Lodging - Campers sleep in the dorms two to three per room. GRSB staff also occupy the dorms. Rooms are equipped with beds, desks, dressers, and closets. There are two communal bathrooms per floor, each with private stall doors and shower curtains. There is one private bathroom near the common area. There are coin operated laundry machines accessible to students with permission from staff. Non-coin operated laundry is available in the case of an emergency. All facilities at OVS are air conditioned.
  • Quiet time/lights out hours - Quiet time begins at 9:30. Lights out is 10 pm until 7 am. Campers and staff require a good night’s sleep as the days are active and require full energy and attention. During lights out, campers may engage in quiet activities in their rooms such as reading a book and/or journaling with a head lamp, etc so long as these activities don’t bother their roommates.
  • Meals - All campers attend each meal accompanied by GRSB staff. Snacks are provided between 2 and 3 pm. Campers are expected to eat three healthy meals each day unless otherwise indicated by a parent or guardian. Each meal includes a variety of organic fruit, salad, grains, protein and dairy. Vegetarian, vegan, nut and gluten free dietary restrictions are easily accommodated with advance notice.
  1. Breakfast 8:30 - 9
  2. Lunch 12 - 12:30
  3. Dinner 6 - 6:30
  • Sample Daily Schedule

7:30 wake up and get ready for the day

8:30 breakfast

9:30 morning assembly

10 instrument, photo and journalism instruction

12 lunch with lunch time band

1 band practice, photo/journalism out in the field

3 screen printing workshop

5 free time

6 dinner

7 assembly, evening activities and free time

9 get ready for bed

9:30 quiet time

10 lights out

  • Pool and Ropes Course - Use of the swimming pool during free time, and designated rope’s course workshops are each under the supervision of certified OVS staff. The pool and ropes course are strictly off limits outside of scheduled supervised use. The pool is surrounded by a locked gate. Ropes course obstacles are rendered unreachable or unusable when not in scheduled use.
  1. A certified life guard is on duty during swimming time, accompanied by at minimum two Amplify staff. The pool is maintained year round by OVS staff. Campers can opt out of swimming. Campers can change in the locker rooms, bathrooms, or dorms, and must rinse off in their bathing suits before swimming.
  2. Ropes course staff are trained to lead groups of 15 or less youth through a variety of activities on the ground as well as in a safety harness on belay. All campers are encouraged to participate and try each obstacle once. Campers may opt out at any time, or be excused with a note from their parent or guardian. The ropes course is routinely checked for safety and maintenance by OVS staff.
  • Health and Safety - Camper health and safety are a top priority at Amplify. GRSB and OVS provide staff and mentor supervision, safety equipment, and training to help ensure campers have a safe and fun experience. GRSB and OVS staff are on campus 24 hours a day in case of an emergency. Our programming is designed to encourage campers to gain confidence, learn and develop life skills, and explore independence while maintaining the structure and supervision necessary for a safe and overall enjoyable camp experience. Amplify utilizes the following resources and programs to promote health and safety:
  1. Health - Amplify Summer Camp program directors and staff are trained in first aid/cpr, and are responsible for disbursement of medications and general care as needed. All medications are stored in a locked area accessible only to staff. For illnesses and medical emergencies requiring additional assistance, appropriate EMS procedures are followed including contacting the parent/guardian and/or person(s) listed on the emergency contact form. The closest hospital is Ojai Valley Community Hospital, 1306 Maricopa Hwy, Ojai, CA 93023, 10 minutes away.  A health history and medication card is completed for each camper by the parent or guardian prior to camp attendance. All medications and health/behavioral histories are confidential. Tampons and pads are provided in case of an emergency. Campers are responsible for their own hygiene and healthy eating habits, but staff may need to remind campers. Amplify always provides additional sunscreen and back up water bottles in case a camper is in need. While in the dorms, campers are free to use the restroom and showers before breakfast, during free time, after swimming, and after evening activities. During instruction, campers should alert the instructor they are using the nearest restroom and return to class promptly.
  2. Camper Supervision- Our staff are an integral part of providing an excellent camp experience for our campers. The staff to camper ratio ranges between 1:3 and 1:8 during instruction, and 1:8 during workshops, meals and free time. Ropes course ratio is no less than 1:4. Swimming includes a certified lifeguard and, in addition, no less than 2 GRSB staff per 10 campers. There are always three staff on call during lights out.
  3. Staff and Mentor Training - GRSB staff and mentors attend a 2-day training and orientation at the beginning of summer, prior to camper arrival, to train in mentorship, learn our emergency procedures, and understand day to day activities, responsibilities, and precautions. All staff undergo an multi-step interview process, are given a fingerprint background check, and are required to read the GRSB staff handbook. In addition our camp directors and executive director spend the year going to conferences and training outside of the summer session. Amplify staff frequently return year after year, and many have experience at one or more Girls Rock camps. Program directors hold a staff meeting each day to discuss and handle any minor incidents that may arise.
  4. Safety - Amplify provides a well-organized and structured program to ensure every camper engages in a fun filled day surrounded by supportive friends, mentors and staff in a safe environment. Safety equipment such as helmets, harnesses and ear plugs are required for some of our activities. Campers and staff are required to follow safety guidelines in order to participate at each activity, including wearing hearing protection in a loud environment such as band practice. Emergency communication is available via cell phone with each staff and mentor. Campers wash hands before each meal. Rooms are checked for cleanliness each day. Staff and mentors support campers in assisting each other in making sure health and safety protocol are met.
  5. Visitors - For security purposes, all visitors to OVS Upper Campus, including Amplify Summer Camp, must schedule in advance with a program director. Typically, only family members and guardians can visit a camper. Visitors require a code to the locked gate as campus security is standard year round.
  • Meet the Staff - Amplify staff consists of the Executive Director of GRSB, two Summer Camp Co-Directors, Instrument, Music Production, DJ, Photography/Film, and Journalism Instructors, Visiting and Resident Workshop leaders, Band Coaches, and three evening/weekend staff. We will begin hiring staff in March and will update the staff page as soon as our team begins to take shape. Guest musicians provide lunch time performances each day.
  • Directions -The Upper Campus, where Amplify takes place, is located at 10820 Reeves Road. Please use the directions below as many families have experienced problems with vehicle navigation system directions. If you accidentally go to the Ojai Valley School Lower Campus located on El Paseo Road, exit the main entrance and turn left onto 150 E to Reeves Rd. Then continue following the directions below

From 101, Take CA-33 N to Ojai

Continue on CA-33 N – 13mi

Turn Right onto CA-150E

Continue on CA 150-E – 3.4mi

Slight Left onto Reeves Road

Continue on Reeves Road – 3.1mi

Wind around, following the white painted boulders with green letters pointing to OVS

At the “Meditation Mount” stop sign, turn left.

The gate will be open for camper drop off and pick up.

Stop at the pool to use the restrooms if you need

Turn right at the stables, following the white boulder to “Main office”

If you are attending the Showcase, park in the ampitheater lot.

If you are dropping off a camper, follow the road up the hill to the right.

Continue past the office, further up the hill.

Turn right toward “girls dorms”

You can park in the cul de sac of the dorms, or continue around to park behind the volley ball court.

If you get lost, please call the Girls Rock SB Camp Phone: 805-861-8128

  • What if I can’t bring my camper at 1 pm or have to pick her up early? No problem! Just arrange your pick up times with a camp director, keeping in mind that your camper may miss out on some key first day activities, or the closing Showcase performance. For families with kid flying in from our of state please contact Amplify directly and we will help navigate the process of picking up the kids at the airport and transporting them back to camp.
  • How do you assign campers to dorm rooms? Campers go through a lengthy, inclusive and fun ice breaker process. We strive to create opportunities for campers to find things in common with everyone they meet during the first assembly. Girls Rock is about opening our hearts and minds to the differences, quirks, and brilliant ideas of every participant. In order to create a welcoming environment for all, we encourage campers who are attending with friends and family to seek out new friendships, especially with brand new campers who may not know anyone at Camp yet. Please discuss this idea with your camper to check if they are open to making new friends and being sorted away from current friends and family in either her dorm room, band, or instruction. If they are not flexible in any of these areas, please contact and a camp director will help brainstorm best ways to meet your camper’s needs.
  • How do you assign campers to instruments? Campers focus on one instrument/track per week of camp. We sort campers into their instrument instruction class before camp week starts. We take into account the camper’s first and second choice of instrument, student to instructor ratios, as well as balanced band instrumentation. Bands come in many different formations, but almost always have at least two vocalists and one drummer.
  • Do campers ever get the chance to try out other instruments? Yes! Each week offers an instrument swap workshop. Campers have access to music equipment during at least one session of free time, and with permission from her band and coach, during band practice.
  • I know what a guitar, drums, keys, and vocals are. But what’s a bass?!?! Bass (rhymes with ‘face’) is an instrument similar to guitar but typically with four fatter, lower toned strings, compared to a guitar with 6 lighter strings. Bass is typically a rhythmic instrument, but can be played wildly by anyone with the creative passion, such as Esperanza Spalding, who basically rules a 5 string fretless bass. But we’re sure she started on 4 strings, just like the kids at Camp! Check her out here.
  • Are campers supervised at all times? In almost every case yes. Campers are left to the peer mentor and honor system during lights out and while in their dorm rooms. Staff are always in earshot and available for camper needs at all times.
  • What’s the best way for first time campers to travel to camp? With parents/guardians to and from Camp.
  • Do you provide transportation? Yes.
  • Can friends and family view photos from camp, communicate w/ my camper? Campers can use the phone to call before breakfast, during free time, and after evening activities, unless otherwise indicated by parents/guardians.
  • Are there age restrictions in place? Yes. We strive to place campers in groups where they are most likely to feel comfortable with pedagogy style, peers, and activities. Bands and dorm rooms are sorted by age with maturity and instrument skill level taken into consideration. Depending on enrollment, we will have all campers housed in one building, or separate buildings based on age. Building A is for girls aged 10-12 and Building B is for girls aged 13-17
  • What should my camper pack?

Sun protection: bandanna or hat, sunglasses, sunscreen

Blank light colored t-shirt for screen printing

Sleeping bag or extra blanket recommended

Swimsuit and goggles

Clothes for seven days and nights: light jacket, shorts and jeans, sweatshirt, T-shirts and tank tops, sweat pants…

Extra funky clothes for the showcase Saturday!

Sneakers and flip flops

Hand, pool, and shower towels

Shower caddy/bag with: hairbrush, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, shampoo/conditioner, razor, soap in carrier, toothbrush, and toothpaste

Bug repellent

Lip balm


Alarm clock

Watch (phones stay in dorm room most of the day)

Laundry bag

Reusable water bottle labeled with camper's name

Comforts of home (family photo or stuffed animal…)

Entertainment (book, hacky sack, deck of cards…)

Small backpack or tote

Headlamp/kindle for lights out reading

Travel games, cards, outside game for free time

We provide all equipment but campers can bring their own bass, guitar, ukelele, camera, etc, if they wish. Please label anything music related you don’t want to accidentally donate to GRSB!

  • How often does my child see other friends and family if not rooming or in a band together? All meals, free time, assemblies, workshops, and evening activities are large group. Some workshops will be broken into 2 groups.
  • Do camper’s choose daily activities? During free time and when there are two or three options during free or evening activity time, ie, choose between watching a movie in congress, jam in the practice space, take private evening lessons or karaoke.
  • What is your camp discipline policy? Our first step is to always try to hear all sides of the story without judgement. Depending on what occurred, staff will either strive for a peaceful agreement with apologies and a renewed commitment to follow camp rules. Multiple discussions as such, or untolerated actions (violence, destruction, extreme disregard for safety) will result in a phone call to parents/guardians and staff supervised removal from activities.
  • Where do campers and staff come from? Our campers come from all over the globe.
  • Is the camp affiliated with any religious or political organization? No.
  • Who are the directors? Jen Baron is the Executive Director. Sierra Reeves and Devin Davis are our summer camp Co-Directors.


Girls Rock SB does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national and/or ethnic origin, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, or gender identity/expression in the administration of any of its educational programs, admissions policies, financial aid, and other camp-related policies and programs, as well as volunteer- and employment-related policies and activities.