Girls Rock Santa Barbara empowers girls* through music education, creative expression, and performance ; promoting an environment that fosters self-confidence, creativity, and teamwork.

We challenge gender stereotypes, encourage collaboration and tolerance among peers, and provide a comfortable space for girls of all backgrounds to express themselves. Through music lessons, workshops, group activities, and performance, girls learn skills that help guide them throughout their lives.

We are working together to build a Santa Barbara where youth girls...

  • decide what it looks like and feels like to be a girl
  • trust and support each other
  • recognize the power and pleasure of their own creativity
  • use music as a powerful way to communicate and exchange ideas
  • are safe and encouraged to explore their identities
  • are able to bring every part of themselves into every moment and are continually affirmed in their wholeness
  • have their voices valued in a collective community dialogue where we decide what a safe community looks like for everyone
  • are celebrated in their state of beings

* Girls Rock Santa Barbara values difference and accepts any and all participants who identify as female, trans, and gender non-conforming.

Why Girls Rock SB?

At GRSB, we believe our girls should love the music they make and love themselves for making it. Since founding the local organization (one of many international sisters to the original Portland-based Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls) in 2014, Executive Director Jen Baron and her dedicated team of staff and volunteers have made sure that young girls don't miss the chance to strum, pound, rip, and scream if they want.

Why? Because it's fun and we deserve it.

At the end of the day, it really has nothing to do with the fact that we finally nailed that chord or drum solo. It's that these girls are given the freedom and encouragement to create art without permission, without perfection, without peer pressure. In that messy, liberating process of creating something that's truly theirs, these girls figure out that they are enough in all that they do.

And isn't that always the bottom line? We thought so, too.