Camp Discounts & How To Get Them

We all know that the cost of summer camp can feel overwhelming at times. That's why we work so hard to make it possible for all of our families to attend. Here are two ways you can get a considerable discount on camp this year.

1. Host a Camp Info Session in Your Home

This year we are offering in-home camp info sessions. Imagine the old school Tupperware parties of the 50's, but with summer camp. How Does It Work? It's easy, as the host you invite between 10-20 families who you think would be interested in attending summer camp. One of our directors talks about the program along with you. Any one who signs up for sleep away camp that night gets a $100 discount and anyone who signs up for day camp , a $50 discount. But here's the really awesome part. The host gets $100 off camp tuition just for hosting the party, but they ALSO get $50 off for every registration they refer up until the value of 1/2 a week off summer camp ( at the party or after). So you can potentially save $600 for sleep away camp and $175 for day camp. It's a fun and easy way to help share your love for camp with others and get a considerable discount at the same time.

2. Summer Referral Discount

Maybe hosting an info session isn't your cup of tea. That's ok, we know that different things resonate with different people, that's why we wanted to offer two ways to save. For every direct referral that comes from you , we will discount your tuition by $50 up until half the value of the camp ( $600 OFF MAX for Sleepaway camp & $175 OFF MAX for Day Camp )