First Girls Rock Song Writing Contest Winner Announced

We are so excited to announce our first winner in the 7-10 year old age category for best original song, Nina Abraham. Check out her interview below and then grab some tickets to see her live at the Raise Her Voice Benefit Concert September 30th at the Lobero Theatre. We want to pack this theatre full and show all these amazing young women how much they are respected and supported by our community.

You're 9 years old, how long have you been writing music and how did you get started ? I have been singing since I was a baby and have always been inspired by music. My sisters were playing instruments and my mom who loves folk music shared videos of young musicians, so I wanted to play too. I have been playing guitar for two years and writing songs for a year. My first concert was Gillan Welch and Dave Rawlings at the Lobero!

What is your original song about ? What inspired you to write it? One thing I was thinking about when writing "Not gonna back down" is about being strong when people say that girls are weaker and boys are stronger. The song is about finding strength, even in times of doubt.

Why do you think it's important for girls to know they are powerful?  It feels good to know that you are powerful. Being powerful gives confidence. And, Because some boys think that girls are not strong and I want to show that we are.

If you had to explain the way you feel when you are playing music, what would that look like? It makes me feel good to share my music. Playing music makes me feel better when I am sad, and helps me feel powerful.

What do you want to be when you grow up?I want to work with animals and play guitar. I started busking on State Street to help pay for horse riding lessons, and also to be able to donate to ASAP, the local cat shelter.