We are so excited to announce the winner for best overall performance for best original song, Bridgette Snyder

We are so excited to announce the winner for best overall performance for best original song, Bridgette Snyder. Check out her interview below and then grab some tickets to see her live at the Raise Her Voice Benefit Concert September 30th at the Lobero Theatre. We want to pack this theatre full and show all these amazing young women how much they are respected and supported by our community.

1. You're 17 years old, how long have you been writing music and how did you get started ? I've been writing and playing since I was 14, which is when I started girls rock.

2. What is your original song about ? What inspired you to write it? My song is about breaking out of norms. You can be covered in tattoos and piercings, but cuddle up with kittens and listen to Barbie Girl. Be you whenever. It was heavily inspired by all the people I've gotten to know through girls rock, including Jensen Smith-Morrisin, who helped in the writing process. They sadly had to move to Minnesota a week before the song was ever played love, but it will always make me think of them. It's also dedicated to everyone who is theirself, loud and proud, and everyone who feels like they can't be, because yes you can!

3. Why do you think it's important for girls to know they are powerful? In a world where for hundreds of years girls weren't even allowed to speak in front of men, we've gotta start making uo for lost time. Girls are revolutionary, they've done so much that they haven't received credit for. This is the age of the female, the age of diversity, and supporting and uplifting girls in any way you can is you making a meaningful and positive impact on the entire generation that is and is to come.

4. If you had to explain the way you feel when you are playing music, what would that look like? Playing music is being completely free and on top of the world. I'm never nervous to perform, and I play openly everywhere I go. I'm on control and I feel like a total rock star, especially when I get even one smile from a stranger passing by.

5. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a musician for the rest of my life. Whether that means working in a studio or being a teacher, or just a plain performer, music is my college major a d I'm commiting to it. Even if it isn't my profession, I'll never stop playing. Just try and stop me.