Winner Announced in Our 11-14 Year Old Age Category For Best Original Song

We are so excited to announce our second winner in the 11-14 year old age category for best original song, Katy Caballero. Check out her interview below and then grab some tickets to see her live at the Raise Her Voice Benefit Concert September 30th at the Lobero Theatre. We want to pack this theatre full and show all these amazing young women how much they are respected and supported by our community.

  1. You're 14 years old, how long have you been writing music and how did you get started ? I have been writing songs ever since I was 10 years old! I got started because there was so much going on in my head and heart and I was struggling trying to find a way to deal with all of it. I enjoyed English class and writing so I soon learned that the best way for me to express my feelings and emotions was to write songs about them! I already loved singing so the thought of singing my own stuff is even better then just singing an everyday cover song!

  2. What is your original song about ? What inspired you to write it?
    My song, “Not Not A Love Song”, is just like the rest of my songs. I wrote it based off of feelings and experiences I was going through. Something that I like saying is “make an impact on my life somehow, chances are I’ll write a song about you” and it’s 100% true! This song was inspired by someone who made and still makes an impact on my life so the best way for me to express that was for me to write a song about it!

  3. Why do you think it's important for girls to know they are powerful?
    I think it’s so important for girls to feel that they are powerful because we are. The world has somehow made us believe that men can do more then women and I can say for a fact that that is not true. Women are capable of so much more so why tell us otherwise?

  4. If you had to explain the way you feel when you are playing music, what would that look like? When I play music it’s like I am in a completely different world. I always get those nerves before performing but as soon as I hit the first note or sing the first line it all fades away. What I actually don’t like is when you finish playing a song and you have to go back to reality. That’s why I like to play as much as I can, more time escaped from reality and more time in a place that I can feel free!

  5. What do you want to be when you grow up? My entire life I have known what I want to be when I grow up. I want to write songs and become a known singer. I want to travel the world and do what I love most. So, I’ve been using as much time as possible to accomplish this dream and to be able to reach that day where I can look back and know that I did it!
    I also just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted for me and put it out there on social media. I love you all and am beyond grateful for your love and support!!❤️