Your Gonna Miss Her When She's Famous


I first had the pleasure of meeting Sophie Rose nearly 7 years ago at the Durango Songwriters Expo , then held in the Santa Ynez Valley. She was 11. I remember watching her perform and knowing that I was watching the making of an incredible artist.

She's now 18 and killing it on the music scene in every way possible. Signed to a publishing deal with Prescription Songs since she was 14, she's had amazing success as both a songwriter and artist. With songs such as Limitless garnering more than five million streams on Spotify and her break out single Two Young Lovers ending up on Taylor Swifts playlist of favorite songs, she's definitely one musician you'll want to keep track of. We're so grateful to have her involved with Girls Rock. She's been a part of this program since day one and we hope you'll come out and get to know her at our Raise Her Voice Fundraiser September 30th at the Lobero Theatre. 

Check out our interview below and her newest song " Famous" 

1. You have written upwards of 500 songs. That's really impressive. Where do you find your inspiration ? 

Thank you! I find inspiration everywhere, but I try to write my songs from my own personal experiences. I find that those songs are more honest and relatable because they come from a real place.

2. You write for other artists, but you are also an artist yourself. How do you decide which of your songs to hold on to and which ones to let go to other musicians? How would you describe your " sound " as an artist.

It's strange, but I feel connected to some songs more than others even though I write or co-write all of them. I know which ones to hold onto for my own artist project because of this feeling I get when I listen to them. I think my sound is definitely pop, but my lyrics tend to be more emotional or meaningful than other pop songs. I want my melodies to be catchy and fun, but I also want to say something with my music.

3. What have been your top 3 career highlights of being a musician thus far? 

It’s really hard to choose because there are so many little steps along the way, not just big ones. I would have to say my top 3 highlights have been signing my publishing deal, releasing my first single, and being featured on Taylor Swift’s Favorite Songs playlist.

4. When you're not writing music whats your favorite things to do? 

I like to cook, hike, and watch Netflix!

5. Favorite place to chill? 


6. Song that is currently on repeat on your preferred listening device 

“Rich” by Maren Morris.

7. If you could have the chance to collaborate with anyone in the world who would that be and why? 

Taylor Swift, because she was my first inspiration as a songwriter and I think she is a legendary artist and businesswoman.

8. What is the writing process like for you? Take us from the beginning of a song to the end ? 

My process is different every time, especially when co-writers and producers are involved. If I write a song alone, I usually think of the concept first, then melody and lyrics, then I put it to music and record it. When I write alone, it’s usually because I have something on my mind that I need to write about, so the lyrics flow pretty naturally.

9. At Girls Rock, for the most part the girls are writing collaboratively as a group, which is something you have a lot of experience in. What would be your advice to make sure everyone feels equally heard and is equally participating in the writing process? Any tips?

I think it's important to speak up when you have ideas, and make sure you are attentive and open when others do the same. When I was starting out, I was afraid to share my ideas because I thought people wouldn’t take me seriously - and sometimes they didn’t. It’s important to make sure everyone feels comfortable and valued in a writing session. Also, it’s okay if you don’t contribute a lot sometimes. People shouldn’t judge you based on how much you brought to one song in one session, it’s all about constantly learning and growing.

10. Your also a producer and engineer? What software do you use and what is your set up like? 

I use Logic to build tracks and Pro Tools to record and edit vocals. Every producer I know has a different method, but this is how I learned and what I’m comfortable with. 

11. You we're signed to a publishing deal when you were 14 years old? How did that affect how you grew up? School? Friendships?  

By the time I signed my publishing deal, I had already been homeschooled for a few years and had recently graduated high school through the CHSPE, so it didn’t affect me from a schooling perspective. I didn’t have many friends growing up because I was always so focused on music, but signing my publishing deal introduced me to so many new people and I made new friends that I’m still close with today.

12. I once heard Meghan Trainor say ( before she got famous) that the best piece of advice someone gave her was to write 100 songs in a year. At first she thought it was impossible, but she ended up doing it and honing her craft and All About That Bass came out of those songs. For girls who want to do music as a career, what is the best advice you've ever gotten that you could share with them ?

That’s an interesting piece of advice. I don’t know what the best advice I’ve ever received is, but I think the main thing is to just keep going. I was talking to someone recently about how difficult this business is (lol sorry), and he said that a lot about being successful comes down to if you can last long enough. The longer you work at something the better you will become, and the more likely good things will happen, so don’t give up!

Is there anything you'd like to mention that I didn't ask you about ? 

Nope! Just follow me on everything @sophierosemusic :)

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