Coding Track

Each week of the program covers projects related to computer science, such as: art, storytelling, web sites, and apps. You’ll also hear from guest speakers, participate in workshops, and connect with female engineers and entrepreneurs.

Computer coding runs our devices and the world. Our coding track teaches basic and advanced coding topics using the latest software and programming languages, such as Java. No previous experience required! You’ll master scratch and discover concepts such as functions, variables, loops and conditionals to create animations.

The program culminates in a final project where you build your own product and share it with the camp. 

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"I can't brag enough on how Amplify has changed my daughters life! She has such confidence now, passion for music, and technical guidance that allows her to express herself in ways that truly contribute to her growth and expression!"

"Simply one of the best you programs around. I've worked with youth for 20 year in athletic forums. This is the best one by far. I'm lucky enough that my daughter is a part of this great program. Jen and the coaches are providing a life time of teaching. It's more than music from what I can see. It's a youth movement. If they had 10 stars I'd rate Amplify a perfect 10!"


“Everyday we get to participate in so many amazing activities! Any girl here will tell you it is such a special place. This place has so much heart. Your kid will absolutely love it! ”