Girls Rock SB is solely dependent on foundation grants and individual donations. We are serving over 1,000 girls aged 6–17 in the Santa Barbara area. Please help us empower girls and build a positive youth culture in our community by donating today.

Nearly all our instruments are donated and we are so grateful for any musical gear, art supplies, photography equipment, and office supplies you might want to donate. For donations call us at 805-699-5247

Girls Rock SB is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Tax ID: 46-0687975. All donations are tax deductible.

As a girl, I like swimming against the current and being the opposite of what people assume a girl should be.
— Chloe, 10



PRODUCER $20,000+
CJ Affiliates
Nancy O'Connor
Lynda Weinman
Williams-Corbett Foundation
Santa Barbara Bowl Education Outreach Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation - Invest In Youth
Hutton Parker Foundation
The List Foundation
CMA Foundation
Love Lee Foundation
Pillsbury Foundation


ROCK STAR $10,000+
Lifting Lives Foundation
Samantha Davies
The Hazen Family Foundation
California Arts Council
Towbes Foundation for the Performing Arts
Tamie and David Posnick
The Montecito Journal


#1 FAN $5,000+
Melanie Abrams
Heather and Bernie Taupin
Leo Buscaglia Foundation
Best Buy Foundation
Reverb Gives Foundation
Peter Melnick
John McGovern
Raintree Foundation
Marla Mcnally Phillips
Patricia Selbert
Girl on Fire
Santa Barbara County Arts Commission
Montecito Bank and Trust
Lianne Towbes
The Gibson Foundation
Stanley Tomchin
ALO Tour
Johnson Ohana Foundation
D'Addario Foundation
Montecito Bank and Trust Community Dividends


Billy Mandarino
Carrie Cusack
Diana Bull
Emma Bridges
Kristi Newton
Santa Barbara Rotary Club
Montecito Rotary Club
Daisy Rock Guitars
Deborah Weinstein
Fender Guitars
The Girls Rock Camp Foundation
Jaime Jenks Foundation
Janis and Todd Gamble
Jeff and Hollye Jacobs
John and Kristen Hawkes

Luna Guitars
Maryan Schall
Orange Amplifiers
Samantha Goldstone
Taylor Guitars
SB Young Professionals Club
Nora and Michael Hurley
Kerri and Sophia Murray
Santa Barbara Office of Arts and Culture
Stacy Pulice
Tu Pham and Side Project
Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Foundation


A-Frame Surf Shop
Arlene Montesano
Ari Lezama
Amy Callahan
Amy Mayfield
Asha Demarco
Arna Bee
Alan Kozlowski
Alan Moelleken
Allison Spinelli
Andrew Goldstone
Alysia Hendricks
Antonia Del Campo
BASS Brushes
Becky L. Beckett
Bikram Yoga
Bill’s Copy Shop
Blue Gem Sunglasses
Blanca Gorman
Brontee Ryan
Carolyn Holmquest
Catherine Hurt
Catherine Robinson
Caitlin Slutzky
Caitlin S. Yee
Cat Cora
CD Baby
Colleen Edwards
Carol DeCampo
Channel Island Surfboards
Chloe Conger
Christina Schlieske
Claiborne Ray
Claire Miner-Mcmahon
Christine Barense
Danielle Chaikin
Dan Fontaine

Dani Antman
Daniel O. Fontaine
Daniel Girard
David A Goldstone
Deborah Davis
Deborah Dawicki
Denisse Salinas
Devyn Duex
Diana Bull
Douglas MacGillvray
Elizabeth Neil
Elizabeth Slought
Erin Benson
Eric Black
Ellen K. Anderson
Ellen Bonning
EMI Photography
Eric Danner
Eric Haessler
Erin Speance
Emily Heckman
Glen Phillips
Gloria Liggett
Greg Macrum
Jacile Szczepanski
Janice Karman
Janis Gamble
Jennifer Freed
Jenny Schatzle
Jessica Sherwyn
Jill Martin
John Neilson
John Heffner
John Ellis
Joshua Redman
Julie Fiscalini
Katrina Rogers
Kerri Murray

Kelly Jenson
Kim Equinoa
Kim Diloreto
Kathleen Barnato
Kathleen Rogers
Kurt Koenig
Laura Mihalka
Laurel A Podsen
Linda Perkins
Lindsey Skutch
Lisa King
Local Harvest Delivery
Los Arroyos
Loretta Smargon
Lynda Fairly
Marilyn Lawenda
Martha Donelan
Melissa Block
Mary Amato
Matthew Tavianini
Maureen Hemming
Marissa Koke
Michael Karlin
Nicole Inglish
Patty Bryant
Patrick Nesbitt
Paula Rudolph
Peter Taubkin
Petra Thorn
Phillip Garver
Rain Perry
Robin Baron
Rebecca L. Deane
Rena Valiunas
Ron Weinstein
Robert Galbraith
Sharon Kempner
Sally Hanseth

Sarah Farmer
Sandy Stahl
Sandra Grasso-Boyd
Santa Barbara Independent
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Santa Barbara Young Professionals
Santa Barbara Polo Club
Santa Barbara Sentinel
Sandee Johnson
Susan Neufeldt
SB Parent Click
SEA Landing
Shannon M. Stark
Sky Dive Santa Barbara
Sloane Reali
Source Yoga
Sue Young
Summers Case
Susan Boyle
Suzanne Perkin
Swell Clubs
UCSB Arts and Lectures
Urban Developments
Vivian Solodkin
Veronica Moreno
Wanderlust Festival
Whitney J. Bruice
Wild Cat
Yoga Jones
Yoga Soup

Emily’s confidence has skyrocketed...she has found a place full of people who accept and celebrate her for who she is and the teenager she is becoming.
— Kate, GRSB parent