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Health and Safety - Camper health and safety are a top priority at Amplify. GRSB and OVS provide staff and mentor supervision, safety equipment, and training to help ensure campers have a safe and fun experience. GRSB and OVS staff are on campus 24 hours a day in case of an emergency. Our programming is designed to encourage campers to gain confidence, learn and develop life skills, and explore independence while maintaining the structure and supervision necessary for a safe and overall enjoyable camp experience. Amplify utilizes the following resources and programs to promote health and safety:

Health - Amplify Summer Camp program directors and staff are trained in first aid/cpr, and are responsible for disbursement of medications and general care as needed. All medications are stored in a locked area accessible only to staff. For illnesses and medical emergencies requiring additional assistance, appropriate EMS procedures are followed including contacting the parent/guardian and/or person(s) listed on the emergency contact form. The closest hospital is Ojai Valley Community Hospital, 1306 Maricopa Hwy, Ojai, CA 93023, 10 minutes away.  A health history and medication card is completed for each camper by the parent or guardian prior to camp attendance. All medications and health/behavioral histories are confidential. Tampons and pads are provided in case of an emergency. Campers are responsible for their own hygiene and healthy eating habits, but staff may need to remind campers. Amplify always provides additional sunscreen and back up water bottles in case a camper is in need. While in the dorms, campers are free to use the restroom and showers before breakfast, during free time, after swimming, and after evening activities. During instruction, campers should alert the instructor they are using the nearest restroom and return to class promptly.

Safety - Amplify provides a well-organized and structured program to ensure every camper engages in a fun filled day surrounded by supportive friends, mentors and staff in a safe environment. Safety equipment such as helmets, harnesses and ear plugs are required for some of our activities. Campers and staff are required to follow safety guidelines in order to participate at each activity, including wearing hearing protection in a loud environment such as band practice. Emergency communication is available via cell phone with each staff and mentor. Campers wash hands before each meal. Rooms are checked for cleanliness each day. Staff and mentors support campers in assisting each other in making sure health and safety protocol are met.

Camper Supervision- Our staff are an integral part of providing an excellent camp experience for our campers. The staff to camper ratio ranges between 1:3 and 1:8. Ropes course ratio is no less than 1:4. Swimming includes a certified lifeguard and, in addition, no less than 2  staff per 10 campers.

Staff and Mentor Training - Our staff begin their training months before camp begins by studying pre-orientation manuals and completing online training courses and certifications. Then they arrive here at Amplify before the season starts for a comprehensive 3 day training period, learning to safely operate all activities around camp. Training includes CPR/First Aid Certification, child psychology, conflict resolution, and much more. All staff undergo a multi-step interview process and are given the most sophisticated background check available to date. In addition our camp directors and executive director spend the year going to conferences and training outside of the summer session. Amplify staff frequently return year after year, and many work full time in our year round after school programs. Program directors hold a staff meeting each day to discuss and handle any minor incidents that may arise.

Meet the Staff - Amplify staff are extraordinary people from all over the world. They are diverse, vibrant, fun and relatable. They are unique because they must not only meet the needs of our campers and make sure each child is having an amazing time, but must also possess advanced skills or professional expertise in one of our specialty program areas. They are the people your child will come home talking about - perhaps with the English or Australian accents your child will come home impersonating. They are your child’s new role models, heroes, confidants and friends.

Visitors - For security purposes, all visitors to OVS Upper Campus, including Amplify Summer Camp, must schedule in advance with a program director. Typically, only family members and guardians can visit a camper. Visitors require a code to the locked gate as campus security is standard year round.

What if I can’t bring my camper at 1 pm or have to pick her up early? No problem! Just arrange your pick up times with a camp director, keeping in mind that your camper may miss out on some key first day activities, or the closing Showcase performance. For families with kids flying in from out of state please contact Amplify directly and we will help navigate the process of picking up the kids at the airport and transporting them back to camp. See our transportation section below for additional details regarding airport pick up/drop off's.

How do you assign campers to dorm rooms? Campers go through a lengthy, inclusive and fun ice breaker process. We strive to create opportunities for campers to find things in common with everyone they meet during the first assembly. Girls Rock is about opening our hearts and minds to the differences, quirks, and brilliant ideas of every participant. In order to create a welcoming environment for all, we encourage campers who are attending with friends and family to seek out new friendships, especially with brand new campers who may not know anyone at Camp yet. Please discuss this idea with your camper to check if they are open to making new friends and being sorted away from current friends and family in either her dorm room, band, or instruction. Some kids come to camp and have their heart set on rooming with their best friend and that is totally A-O.K. At the end of the day it's all about your kids and what is best for them.

Are campers supervised at all times? In almost every case yes. Campers are left to the peer mentor and honor system during lights out and while in their dorm rooms. Staff are always in earshot and available for camper needs at all times.

Are campers grouped by age? Yes. We strive to place campers in groups where they are most likely to feel comfortable with pedagogy style, peers, and activities. Bands and dorm rooms are sorted by age with maturity and instrument skill level taken into consideration. Depending on enrollment, we will have all campers housed in one building, or separate buildings based on age. Building A is for girls aged 10-12 and Building B is for girls aged 13-17

How often does my child see other friends and family if not rooming or in a band together? All meals, free time, assemblies, workshops, and evening activities are large group. Some workshops will be broken into 2 groups.

What should my camper pack?


What age does my child have to be to attend Amplify Sleep Away Camp ? Amplify Sleep Away Camp For Girls is open to kids who are between the ages of 10 and 16 during the time they attend camp. Please call us regarding younger kids if you feel they are ready for camp.

What does ACA accreditation mean? We meet over 250 standards in health, safety, staffing, training and transportation. Amplify Sleep Away Camp for Girls is an accredited camp certified by the American Camping Association. The Accreditation process requires camps to meet strict standards set for site and food service, transportation, healthcare, operational management, human resources and program standards.

In addition, Amplify is responsible for meeting all state and local laws governing the operation of pools, dining facilities, living accommodations and the Organized Camp Regulations.

How can I prepare my child for summer camp? If your child is attending sleepaway camp for the first time there are several things you can do to help make the transition as smooth as possible. You can help your child prepare for camp by allowing him/her to sleepover at another friend’s house or by visiting relatives for a few days. Many children are unfamiliar with cohabitation so it’s useful to simulate a situation in which your child is sharing a room and explain the importance of keeping their space tidy. Allowing your child to partake in grocery shopping, making the bed, organizing, and packing their camp trunk can help them feel prepared. It’s also a good idea to explain how you will be communicating with your child while they’re away. Amplify Sleep Away Camp does not recommend calls & visits as this may promote homesickness. Our camp counselors work to ensure your child is socializing and having the best experience possible. Amplify does allow for homemade care packages (please read “what to do if my child is homesick” for care package information). If you feel the need to check on your child please feel free to call and speak with one of our head counselors. Parents are expected to evaluate their 10 to 16 year old prior to enrollment. Your child must be ready to be away from home for the duration of their session with no parent contact, with the exception of written letters. Mild homesickness is natural and our staff will be ready with hugs and advice.

What can I do if my child is homesick? Dealing with homesickness is a normal part of going away to camp. Our counselors will ensure that campers are well taken care of and help to put them at ease. While it may be tempting to call or visit your child, this can actually promote homesickness and may make it more difficult for your child to transition back into camp life.

Can I send my camper a care package? Personal care packages are also welcome! While you may have many ideas for what you’d like to send your camper, we ask that you refrain from sending any food items in compliance with our food allergy policy. All camp care packages will be inspected prior to being received.

Please use the following address to send personal care packages:

  • Ojai Valley School Upper Campus
  • Camper's name
  • 10820 Reeves Rd, Ojai, CA 93023

It’s a good idea to explain how you will be communicating with your child while they’re away. Amplify does not recommend calls or visits as this may promote homesickness. Our camp counselors work to ensure your child is socializing and having the best experience possible. If you feel the need to check on your child please feel free to call and speak with one of our head counselors.

Do you provide transportation? Yes.

How does transportation to and from camp work? Airport transportation is available to all families staying two weeks or more. Amplify Sleep Away Camp for Girls is located between 65-95 miles from Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties. Parents have the option of driving their campers to camp or using our local airport LAX . If you would like your student to ride on Amplify LAX bus, please complete and return the transportation request form. The completed form must be received no later than two weeks prior to the camper’s session start date. If the form is not returned within this time-frame, we may not be able to provide transportation. All flights must be scheduled to arrive and depart between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Transportation Request Form Click Here

  • Airport Service
  • Amplify offer service to and from LAX on check-in and check-out days. The price for transportation from LAX is $120 one- way or $240 round-trip.

What is your dismissal policy? While problems of the following nature are rare, our primary goal is to ensure that all campers have a positive camp experience, therefore, it is understood that a camper will be dismissed from camp, without refund, for reasons including, but not limited to the following: Use or possession of chemical substances, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs, unauthorized use or possession of cellular telephones, unauthorized use or possession of weapons, persistent inappropriate language, teasing, conduct which is dangerous (i.e. sneaking out of the cabin at night unsupervised), illegal, or in the opinion of the camp directors, conduct detrimental to the camp and/or other campers. Campers sneaking out after curfew, unsupervised, will be expelled from camp without refund.

The following items are NOT ALLOWED at camp:

  • Cell phones, pagers, radios, PDA/s, Computers, CD & MP3/ipod/iphone
  • Any electronic games including GameBoy and other electronic video games
  • Weapons ( such as knives, air soft guns, BB guns, slingshots, etc)

We provide all equipment but campers can bring their own bass, guitar, ukulele, camera, etc, if they wish. Please label anything music related you don’t want to accidentally donate to GRSB!

Do camper’s choose daily activities? During free time and when there are two or three options during free or evening activity time, ie, choose between swimming, jam in the practice space, play games, take private evening lessons or karaoke.

Can I enroll for more than one week? Yes! Campers can enroll in as many weeks of Amplify Sleep Away Camp as they wish.

My child is staying multiple weeks, what activities take place the Saturday inbetween sessions? We recommend staying a minimum of two weeks and one of those reasons is to be a part of our Saturday pool party, camp BBQ and group sleep over. Imagine you've just performed for all of camp, you're buzzing from all the excitement and now you find out that you get to head down to the pool for an awesome pool party, complete with a DJ and all your friends. Once the pool party wraps up it's on to our camp BBQ, movie night and group slumber party. Bring your sleeping bag and pillow for a fun evening of girl bonding.

I’ve attended Amplify a couple times already. Can I sign up to be an intern? If you will be age 16-18 by July 1, and have at least two weeks of experience as an Amplify camper, you can apply for an unpaid internship. Interns work 20 hours a week and also participate in camp the additional hours as senior campers in leadership roles. The discounted rate for teen interns is $600 Please email girlsrocksb@gmail.com to see if interning at Amplify is a good fit for you.

What is your camp discipline policy? Our first step is to always try to hear all sides of the story without judgement. Depending on what occurred, staff will either strive for a peaceful agreement with apologies and a renewed commitment to follow camp rules. Multiple discussions as such, or untolerated actions (violence, destruction, extreme disregard for safety) will result in a phone call to parents/guardians and staff supervised removal from activities.

Where do campers and staff come from? Our campers and staff come from all over the globe.

Is the camp affiliated with any religious or political organization? No.


Girls Rock SB does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national and/or ethnic origin, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, or gender identity/expression in the administration of any of its educational programs, admissions policies, financial aid, and other camp-related policies and programs, as well as volunteer- and employment-related policies and activities.