Ambassador Program

The Girls Rock SB Ambassador program is a new venture in community engagement. With such a high demand for ways to get involved with our organization we decided to create a program that helps to do just that. 

What is a GRSB Ambassador? A GRSB Ambassador is someone who feels passionate about our mission and who wants to support us by helping spread the word about us via social media. All our Ambassadors are listed in a special section of our website.

What Exactly does an Ambassador do? That's a great question! We ask that as an Ambassador for Girls Rock SB, you post something about our organization 2 x a week and tag us in your post. We ask for a 6-month contract. We recommend that you follow us and get an idea of what we are working to promote; it is important that your posts be in line with our mission, are non-discriminatory, and are appropriate for a youth audience.

There is no age restrictions for the Ambassador program- in fact, we highly encourage our teens to get involved! It's a great way to learn basic marketing and social media, and we have some awesome perks (see below). We just ask that if you are under 18, your parent signs your application.

Ok, so what are these perks you mention? Here's the deal: For posting 2x a week, we will give you each individual coupon codes for registration. For every person you get signed up under your code, you will get 5% cash back. That means if you sign up 6 people, you will get about $100 back. In addition, every quarter our top three Ambassadors will receive special prizes such as: Two tickets to a concert, Tickets to Magic Mountain, and more.

How do I get started? Contact us and we will send you a application. Thanks for your interest in the GRSB Ambassador program.