Small Group Lessons:

GRSB’s Small Group Class offerings currently include: Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Ukulele, Vocal, Pop Acapella Choir, Music Theory, and Family Music. Each class is 50 minutes long, meets once a week, and most have a max enrollment of approximately 6 students depending on the class. Private lessons also available. If your child is signed up for Rock Band, Group Lessons are highly encouraged.


Want to join a group class but unsure which level is the best fit?

Read below to see if you are a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced!

Enrolled in a group class and wondering what you’ll learn? Our benchmark sheets lay out the skills that are typically covered in each class level.

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Are you new to this instrument? Beginner level classes introduce instrument basics and key foundational skills. Students can expect to spend, on average, one or two terms in a Beginners class before moving on to the more intermediate classes.

• Learn/improve skill in drums, vocals, guitar, bass, keys, ukulele, songwriting, and stage performance.

• Returning students and campers encouraged to take at least 3 terms

• Introduction to workshops tailored to their age level.

• Emphasis on introductory music theory/songwriting skills, inclusion, making friends, cooperation, and having fun.


Have a little experience with and basic knowledge of an instrument? Intermediate classes focus on intermediate level content and building consistent use of foundational skills. Students can expect, on average, to spend several terms at the Intermediate level, often a full year as they grow and develop their musical strength and confidence.

• For new and returning students and campers, intermediate music theory instruction, songwriting and performance.

• Technical and experimental skill based curriculum for guitar, drums, bass, vocals, keys and ukulele, Abelton in a fun, positive and supportive environment.

• Female role models pay special attention to group dynamics to inspire collaboration, listening, communication, respect, and having a blast.

• Returning students and campers are encouraged to gain an intermediate level of understanding in chosen instrument

• For Rock Band students, Learn and perform a cover song along with the mandatory original song at the Showcase.


Have you been playing for at least a year and have a solid foundation on your instrument? Advanced classes move beyond foundational skills into more advanced mastery of a particular instrument. The class also focuses on skills necessary for playing in an ensemble or band. Length of time in an Advanced class varies from student to student depending on independent goals. Students who have mastered the Advanced benchmarks typically move into private lessons and/or rock bands. Enrollment in an advanced class requires instructor recommendation.

• Open to new and returning students with intermediate/advanced experience in chosen instrument

• Technical and experimental skill based curriculum for guitar, drums, bass, vocals, keys, ukulele, Abelton

• Student/Camper self-directed focus on writing at least 2 original songs, learn skills in sound and recording engineering, perform at a Showcase.

• Self-direct band practice when ready. Hone skills in having a productive and fun band practice.

• Choose to continue with a band or instrument, or try something new.

• Develop technical skills of music as well as the social and critical thinking skills that naturally occur within the process of songwriting.

• Special emphasis on development of empathy, respecting differences, teamwork, sharing and incorporating new ideas, experimentation, self-acceptance, confidence building, and respect for one’s self and others.

• Returning students are encouraged to gain an intermediate/advanced level of musicianship in their chosen instrument as well as songwriting, how to operate a practice PA, and how to roadie, including set up and breakdown a practice space.