Girls Rock STAFF

Amplify staff are extraordinary people from all over the world. They are diverse, vibrant, fun and relatable. They are unique because they must not only meet the needs of our campers and make sure each child is having an amazing time, but must also possess advanced skills or professional expertise in one of our specialty program areas. They are the people your child will come home talking about - perhaps with the English or Australian accents your child will come home impersonating. They are your child’s new role models, heroes, confidants and friends.

Who is the Director? Jen Baron is the Executive Director and Founder

  • Jen Baron - Executive Director and Founder It's been said that I came into this world singing. Having grown up in the California foothills, miles from the nearest town it isn't surprising that I filled my days with make believe, attentiveness to my surroundings, and a deep desire to connect artistically. My childhood home was ripe with music and storytelling was central to our everyday interactions as a family. I began writing music when I was 8 years old and haven't stopped since. I feel beyond fortunate to get to work professionally as a songwriter. I have written upwards of 500 songs, and I have had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the top songwriters and producers in pop music. I am both a writer and producer. My songs "Vespertine" and " Gypsy Heart" were featured in Sharon Stones feature length film Femme. "Push Pull" was picked up by DJ Duo team Sam F and Kap Slap to be released in 2017. Also featured articles in Kaboom Magazine, EARS, Soundfly, Alfitude, SOM Magazine, Jammerzine, Bee Hive Candy, and Medium .

  • Lanea Pearson - Program Coordinator Since I first had access to musical instruments in elementary school, music has served the role of a healthy coping tool in my life. Having just transitioned from working in the mental health industry where I lived and worked in the Oregon wilderness as a Field Instructor for Evoke Cascades Wilderness Therapy. There, I was a part of a multifaceted team that helped adolescents and young adults heal from some of the consequences of navigating adolescence without a 'healthy coping tool.' Now, I relish in the opportunity to share the tool that worked for me with others. I received a degree in Philosophy from Dickinson College and had the opportunity to study the intersection of punk rock and feminism academically from an international perspective while supplementing my education at the University of East Anglia in England. While working on my degree, I tapped into my 'healthy coping tool' once again, this time in the form of beatboxing, or vocal percussion in and all woman-identifying a capella group. This is all to say, that I am a part of the Girls Rock team to synthesize my passions for music, human development, and girl power.  

  • Kelsey Maloney - Grant Writer is an independent grant writer working with various nonprofit organizations. Experience in Fundraising, Grant Writing, and Special Events. She is fluent in Spanish, proficient in Portuguese ,and is an avid lover of hiking, surfing, soccer, snowboarding, camping, pottery, cooking, and spending a day at the beach.

  • Arna Bajraktarević - Social Media Guru is based in Santa Barbara, CA. Originally from Bosnia, she is a graduate of Brooks Institute where she received her B.A. in Photography. During the last ten years she has embraced the changing landscape of photography by incorporating graphic design, film, art direction and various forms of creativity into her business and practice as a visual story teller. Her clients and projects are multifaceted. She specializes in portraiture, lifestyle, editorial and advertising. Website: 

  • Diana O'Connell - Contract CFO Diana O’Connell is a non-profit executive and entrepreneur creating and leading programs that connect people with meaningful, life changing experiences and influence them toward a healthy lifestyle. Diana draws upon her extensive experience providing financial and strategic leadership and creating solutions for complex program needs, in both large corporations and non-profit organizations. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Diana focuses efforts to generate quick results in order to advance, lead and impact the mission-driven organizations and teams she serves. For Executive Directors and Boards of small non-profits, Diana is a resource that can add strategic thinking, financial leadership and non-profit executive experience on an as needed basis. With a focus on financial systems, transparency and reporting on key metrics, Diana helps non-profit leaders achieve their strategic and financial goals through accurate, consistent, clear and regular reporting. A Santa Barbara native and a UCSB graduate, Diana returned home in 2012 after a successful career in Corporate Finance and Management in Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas and quickly became immersed in the biking, paddling, and triathlon communities as both an active participant and an organizational leader. With a passion for creating opportunities that open people's lives and make their world bigger through experiences and connection to communities, Diana is drawn toward programs that provide access, equity and encouragement. An avid cyclist and social athlete, Diana is passionate about sharing the amazing outdoor experiences that have shaped her life, and driven by a strong desire to have a direct impact and make a difference. Diana is known for her ability to see opportunities, enroll others in a vision, and then move quickly into strategic and results-orientated implementation.

  • Lauryn - Camp Nurse. Growing up a competitive figure skater, she also coaches young skaters, teaching them the practice of discipline, persistence, and dedication. Lauryn is passionate about living life to its fullest by overcoming barriers and believes that girls can do anything. 

  • Devin Davis- has studied contemporary songwriting and independent music production for over a decade. She plays a multitude of instruments, but guitar and voice are what she loves the most. After teaching for many years, Devin moved to Los Angeles to focus on being a career musician. She currently fronts the alternative rock band Ramonda Hammer, and as a huge advocate of the DIY musician life, Devin manages her band, produces their videos and marketing content, and books their tours all over the North America. Devin still loves to teach and when she's not on the road, she's at GR.

  • Jamey Geston :A Seasoned performer, she has opened for Award-winning folksinger, Judy Collins, legendary musician, Peter Frampton, Grammy-winning guitarist, Albert Lee, ‘First Lady of Woodstock’-Melanie Safka, American Idol Runner Up-Crystal Bowersox, She was invited to play the Winter NAMM Show 2016 in Anaheim for the four straight year and has toured throughout California, Colorado, Arizona & Louisiana. She has been performing and singing on stage since she was three, started playing guitar around ten, then self taught  herself piano, ukulele, bass, at eleven she started songwriting.  "What inspires me to make music is my ongoing enjoyment for music. I like listening to other artists and being inspired by little aspects of a song and creating and thinking of new things I can do with it. Also, seeing female musicians who are pushing the boundaries and doing so much for themselves is awesome to see. It motivates me so much. I love girl power.” Jamey has been involved with Girls Rock SB as a volunteer and a performer since 2011

  • Amy Doley is a vocalist, writer, and producer who began her formal musical training at the BRIT School for performing Arts & Technology in London, UK. Following this, she studied Commercial Music (BA Hons.) at The University Of Westminster; this degree was the first in the UK to offer the opportunity to learn, practice and experiment with the artistic and business strategies in today’s music industry. She now works within various musical settings, which include; offering educational, creative writing and confidence building workshops, experimenting on personal projects with live musicians and collectives as well as working in a solo capacity, where she manages herself under the name Amy Fitz Doyley.

  • Aileen Wallace is a musician/composer/interdisciplinary artist, born in Limerick city, Ireland in 1983. She currently lives and works in Cork, where she has recently received a (1:1) Honours degree in Music from UCC (University College Cork). Wallace runs a small but vital studio which serves as an educational space in the heart of Cork City where she delivers her unique and diverse approach to music tuition. In 2017 she joined the Dublin(Ireland) chapter of the international Girls* Rock movement as Drum Coach/Sound Engineer and will return again in 2018. She will also feature on the Girls Rock School NI team as Drum Coach/Live Sound. Wallace has an extensive background in performance, live sound, music production, video, radio, music tuition, and multi-media. Upon receiving a qualification in Sound Engineering from the City & Guilds London Institute in 2004, she embarked on a journey of experimental field recording, and production. As a working musician she has curated and performed both solo, and ensemble performances as part of a number of groups including: Lōwli, If You Discover a Fire, C.A.V.E (Cork Audio Visual Ensemble), The Racklers, and The Farmhouse Sessions, to name but a few. The latter of which provided a platform for musicians to experience the art of collective improvisation and recording.

  • Allison Onard. Have you ever met someone whose goal in life is to challenge what people are taught to expect? That is how this young lady ended up fully enthralled with music and the industry it exists in. With strong memories of being told that rock music wasn't for dainty young ladies, I began my challenge to change that concept at a young age. Working my first concert at age fourteen excitedly scrapping gum off of the bottom of theater seats is how I knew I wanted to be apart of this form of creation for the rest of my life. That only picked up speed when a guitar was placed into my hands at age 16 and I joined my first group a few weeks later. Fast forward to present day where you'll most likely find me amidst a stack of emails and forms or running through the barricade during a concert, balancing cables, towels or even puppies. Being the Production Coordinator of a Live Nation Venue keeps me on my toes, my focus lays on everything backstage regarding the incoming tours. When I'm not working a show I am most likely playing one or practicing for an upcoming gig with my band Frankie & Myrrh. I started off thinking that I had to prove myself, that only men could play music and produce shows but I have grown to realize that anyone and everyone is more than welcome to do those things, we just need to help spread the acceptance and knowledge of doing such.

  • Ony is a writer, musician, and music instructor living in Columbia, SC. She plays guitar and bass in a couple bands and teaches private guitar lessons at a local music school. She's been involved with her local and regional Girls Rock camps since 2012 and is excited to expand her Girls Rock family.

  • Savannah Hughes was born and raised in Santa Barbara California. She has had a passion for music and specifically rhythm since a very young age. She originally discovered her love for drums and percussion while sitting under the grand Piano drumming and shaking along, while her piano teacher played beautiful melodies. As Savannah became older, she started to study privately at Mike's Drum Shop. This led her to many study opportunities, as well as performing and touring. She has studied with world class studio musicians, played and performed in various world ensembles, studied at drum retreats, and performed in a vast variety of bands. Savannah has had the opportunity to be a part of the all lady's band 'Rainbow Girls' where they toured the Western portion of the United States, as well as Europe for over the course of 5 years. Some of her musical highlights include performing with 'Rainbow Girls', for thousands of people at 'The Farrera Busker's Festival', in Italy, as well as Headlining the first All Lady's Show at the Fillmore in San Fransisco. Savannah has professional studio experience, and has recorded multiple albums. Savannah feels that drumming is a powerful way to connect to one's inner heart beat and authentic creativity. She has a passion of sharing her knowledge and helping young women discover that they too can be empowered by the drums, and it's many avenues of self expression.

  • Emily Myren hails from a little town on the east side of Indianapolis. She grew up singing, finding inspiration from local musicians and performers in the area, fascinated by their grand beautiful displays of self expression and confidence. Self-taught guitarist from the age of 14, Emily was in several bands throughout highschool and her years at Ball State University but she always felt her most at home behind an acoustic on stage. Releasing her third solo album this month, she performs in the Indiana, Chicago, and Ohio area mostly but has aspirations of traveling with her acoustic making music around the world. In her free time Emily loves taking care of animals, reading books, and listening to social science podcasts. Emily started with Girls Rock Indianapolis in 2016 and hopes for a long future spent with Girls Rock!

  • Rita Groetz is a mechanical engineer from Buffalo, NY. A self-taught guitarist, she has been playing since she was 14. Two years ago, she finally started her first band and has since played in several Buffalo punk and hardcore bands. She loves writing and performing music, and encouraging other women to do the same. In her free time, she loves to rock climb, and is an instructor at a local climbing gym. Rita likes to stay busy, and is currently playing in Tina Panic Noise, Removers, Nicky Reynolds & His Pushers, and a KISS cover band.

  • Jena Douglas- Piano and Guitar Instruction has been a singer/songwriter for over 30 years. She has a BA from University California Santa Barbara in music. She wrote the how-to/self-help book called, Change The World-Write Your Song! fundamentals and beyond for the aspiring singer/songwriter book I. She teaches voice, songwriting, guitar, piano, bass, drums, performance and uses her many skills as a seasoned musician and parent to teach girls from 6 to 17 for a non-profit after school program called, Girls Rock SB. Jena Douglas also performs with a couple of bands, one that features original songs written by Jena Douglas called, Jmuse and the other is a Linda Ronstadt Tribute band called, Linda Nonstadt and The Stone Phoney.

  • Caroline Hambright - Guitar Instruction grew up here in Santa Barbara. She got her Bachelor's in Fine Art from San Francisco State, and her teaching credential from Cal State Northridge. She teaches art and science at Brandon Elementary. She in involved in many artistic endeavors in the community, including building a float for the Summer Solstice Parade and painting a mural for the On The Verge Summer Repertory Theatre Company. She sings and plays guitar for a local band, Babetown Classic.

  • Natalia Bio coming soon

  • Maddie Marcin - Piano and Vocals Instruction is a composer, pianist, and singer who recently graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a BA in Music Composition. She has been playing piano for over a decade and has been singing since 16 years old. Maddie has been in several bands and ensembles throughout high school and college, but her dream is to write music for film & TV, with her music being featured in student short films during her time at UCSB. Although she dabbles in classical music, gospel, jazz, etc, her love of rock and of empowering girls has led her to Girls Rock SB. When not playing music, she is probably either cooking, reading, exploring nature, or napping.

  • Elle Naef is a a content manager, nanny, and music curator who has been involved with Girls Rock for 3 years. She grew up in a small mountain town in Colorado, and by her teen years fell in love with the city. With city life came the Denver music scene, and once she discovered her passion for production she hasn't looked back.. Elle has been booking shows, helping bands with promotions, and helping create other community connections in the industry for ten years, and enjoys encouraging the pursuit of passion for others.

  • Mary Krans- In truth, I consider myself to be honest and brave. The decisions I've made, the things that I've done, are a reflection of that. That being said...The things that are awesome about me:
    - I grew up in a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. So small in fact, that we had to share a zip code with the next town.
    It allowed for me to be a dreamer, and dream of places, that one day I would see. Me, Mary Louise Krans, a world traveler and post-it note adventurer.
    - As the story has been related to me: when I was a toddler, I couldn't keep my hands off my grandmother's piano. I was so drawn to music at an early age: I really understood it's worth. I began playing the piano at the age of five; studying music most of my life.
    It brings me great satisfaction to play and even more so to teach. To me, music equals joy and to share that is joyous.

  • Chloe Housh has been playing music for the past five years and began teaching at Girls Rock as an intern a year and a half ago, after having attended as a student. She plays guitar and ukulele but focuses mainly on bass and vocals, which she plays with her band "The Chaperones."

  • Adrian Lindsey recently graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with minors in Child Development and Women’s & Gender studies. Her dream career is to be a child and family therapist. She has interned at Cal Poly’s Children’s Center and worked in after school programs for Parks and Recreation. She learned to play ukulele in third grade and has played guitar since fourth grade. At 13 she attended Rock and Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, Oregon. Seven years later she volunteered for Girls Rock Camp in her hometown, Santa Barbara. This summer she looks forward to returning to Girls Rock Camp SB as an instructor.

  • Briana Marvel I've been playing bass for 5 years and I began playing to join my current band, Bloodlines. I first became involved in Girls Rock's Indianapolis chapter as a Marketing intern and have continued to love volunteering as a band manager and bass instructor every summer since. Working with women and children is a joy that I continue through Girls Rock involvement and my post-college PR career.

  • Emily Backus is a music educator and singer-songwriter from Atlanta, GA. She has received complete certification from the American Orff-Schulwerk Association in elementary music pedagogy. Emily serves on the board of Girls Rock Camp ATL and is co-chair of the DeKalb Elementary School Honor Chorus. She currently performs with folk duo Total Babe and feminist punk trio Gabbie Rotts. She tries to live each day as Dolly Parton would wish.

  • Gesine Lohr I've played keyboard all my life, added drums in 7th grade, mallet percussion later.  In 1981 I met a Hammond B3 organ and fell in love; she taught me a lot.  I've played B3 and synth in a number of psychedelic rock blues groups.  Played in an all female oldies band The Cherry Cokes.  An all female cover band I was in, Nancy Drew And The Clues, was one of the first rock bands at the West Coast Womens’ Music Festival (we played day stage in 1988, night stage in 1989).  I love synths too, DX7, play a friend's Nord, etc. Playing renaissance dance music, running a renaissance dance quartet (playing renaissance recorder), showed me how that music is just like rock and roll!  (seriously -- lots of improvisation).  I also play harpsichord, which was the rock keyboard of her day!  and portativ organ, a small renaissance organ. I love helping girls find the power of keyboards, all the weird synth lines one can make, the growls and roars!

  • Jacqueline (Jackie) was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She graduated from the University of Toronto majoring in Communications with minors in Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies. She has worked at various summer camps and educational institutions since she graduated from university. She is a self-taught guitarist who found herself playing in a band professionally, performing live on a major Canadian TV morning show, as well as a major music festival in Toronto. Her instrument of choice these days is the bass guitar; she loves everything about it and continues to learn as much as she possibly can from other musicians. When she is not playing in hobby bands, she loves going to the gym, traveling, going for walks on the beach, and cuddling with her two cats, Jean-Luc and Leo. Jackie was a volunteer at Girls Rock Camp Toronto and she is very excited to be volunteering with the GRSB team this summer

  • Kate Anderson is an officer in the Army and flies Blackhawk helicopters.  She's a singer-songwriter and fronts the band Winter Grain. She taught self defense at Salt Lake's first rock camp and has helped at Los Angeles rock camp as well.  

  • Lynzi Stringer, from Indianapolis, Indiana, is a singer, songwriter, journalist, music producer and dabbles in photography.She loves to travel, stargaze, and eat vegan food. She taught voice at Girls Rock! Indy in 2017, and is very excited to be in SB this summer!

  • Marley Ferguson is a multi-instrumentalist and producer of electronic music who has been recording and writing songs since she was 11. She plays bass, synths, drum machines and guitar. Her most recent music project, PARTS, is a two piece electronic girl band signed to Indiana based label Winspear. PARTS toured the West coast last spring and was featured on music blogs such as Gorilla vs. Bear and The Le Sigh. She has been working as a guitar teacher for 6 years and is graduating from Berkelee College of Music this year with a bachelors degree in Music Production!

  • Meg Harnum- Meg is a drummer / artist who lives on the most easterly tip of North America, in St. John's Newfoundland. She has been writing, recording and performing in bands for over ten years now and has toured across Canada and the U.S. as well as several countries in Europe. She loves to eat, travel and make new friends. When she isn't off an adventure, Meg can usually be found curled up reading a book with her two cats Nanny and Poppy.

  • Megan McLaughlin is a musician from Newfoundland, Canada. She's been playing guitar for over fifteen years and playing in bands for over ten. Megan's been instructing electric guitar and band coaching at Girls Rock NL since their debut in 2016, and is so excited to be joining Girls Rock SB this summer!

  • Moe Laverty is a Toronto based photographer and drummer who loves da blues. She loves travelling and being on her bike. Oh and don’t forget food, she LOVES food. She has been a drum instructor, band mentor and photographer at RC4G Peterborough for at least 7 years and recently at Girls Rock Camp Toronto. She has played in several bands including 2 all female bands. Happiest behind a drum kit, she loves connecting
    with people through music.

  • Rosella Hi, I'm the founder of Girls Rock Dublin and also a live sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist with a soft spot for building pedal effects. Throughout my 15+ year career in music, kicked off with a MA in Music Management, Marketing and Promotion completed in Italy (my home country), I've worked internationally in music event production, tour booking and management (with a small booking agency that I started myself), and music journalism (I've interviewed 200+ bands for top Italian music magazines). I moved to Ireland eleven years ago and here I worked in Google up until last year, while keeping my music projects going in my spare time. I've led Sofar Sounds Dublin for a couple of years (Sofar Sounds is a global community that puts on secret gigs in unusual locations like apartments or shops). My biggest inspiration is kick-ass guitar player and feminist Ani DiFranco, and when I was still active as a journalist/writer, I wrote her Italian biography. Currently I play bass in feminist queer trio Fierce Mild and guitar in the 18 piece electric guitar orchestra accompanying The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock.

  • Sarah Green Bio Coming Soon

  • Secily Anderson was a co-founder of Salt Lake Rock n Roll Camp for Girls. She is starting up Provo's first camp for 2019.  From Portland to LA she's now been involved in five camps (six by the time she's in Ojai). As a guitarist she loves pop and folk which shows in her two most recent projects, Sonnei and Winter Grain.

  • Berglind Erna Tryggvadóttir Bio Coming Soon

  • Christine Rogers is an Australian drummer with 16 years experience at her kit. Apart from a genuine love for sharing, learning, hearing and composing music, she has a keen ear for experimental instruments and sounds. She has played in various bands, locations and musical communities, and most recently became part of the Girls Rock Melbourne 2018 team. Having her own story of being one in few female drummers in the local music scene, she is thrilled for the opportunity to empower girls to be strong and fierce in whatever they choose to pursue. Ultimately, Christine is ridiculously excited to be part of the Girls Rock Santa Barbara exchange program.

  • Mara O'Toole, I am the founder and director of Girls Rock! Sydney, in Australia, where we have a team of 5 who are currently working on putting together our second camp, as well as a series of events and different programs to bring music and empowerment to the youth of Sydney! I am also a high school Music and Visual Arts teacher, currently still studying to finish my Masters, and have a degree in Vocal Performance. I play guitar and sing in a band called Hedy Lamarr with 3 of my best friends, and have a background in a punk-hardcore band, and as an acoustic solo artist under the moniker Mara Threat. I love camping, creating, plants and vegan cooking, and am super excited to spend two weeks at camp in Santa Barbara!!

  • Originally hailing from Canada, Michelle Groskopf is a Los Angeles based photographer. Her work is a mix of photo journalism, portraiture and street photography. She holds a BFA in film and video production from the School of Visual Arts in New York where she also taught as an adjunct professor in the graduate film and video dept. She is a member of the celebrated flash photography collective Full Frontal Flash. Her work has been shown around the world and featured in publications such as The British Journal of Photography, American Photo, The Huffington Post, Vice Magazine and It’s Nice That, among others. Michelle is dedicated to empowering youth through photography and education initiatives working with the Lucie Foundation, Educare and Youth Arts to inspire the next generation of photographers and artists. Her clients include, Refinery 29, Bloomberg Businessweek, Shopify, Monday Edition, Vice Magazine, Marie Claire France, Aftenposten, Stern Magazine and Neon. She recently exhibited a collection of work pulled from her first monograph ‘Sentimental’ as part of the ten year anniversary of Month Of Photography LA. She recently won an AP award for her work on Miss Amazing, and will be published in this years AP 36

  • Alyssa Sibley Hi, my name is Alyssa, and I am incredibly excited to be a counselor for Girls Rock SB this summer! I’m graduating from USC this May with a degree in Economics, and will be a fulltime analyst with a media entertainment consulting firm in Los Angeles after the summer ends! I grew up in the Chicago Suburbs, but moved with my parents and younger brother to San Diego a few weeks after I graduated from high school, so I call Southern California home. In college, I was a part of UnderSCore A Cappella, a co-ed, competitive a cappella group, where I was the social chair (planned all the events), treasurer, and Public Relations Chair (managed all of their social media). I was also the VP of external events for Jumpstart Reading Club, a national organization that is committed to closing the literacy gap between children of different socio-economic statuses. In my free time, I do a little photography (feel free to check it out @alyssasibleytakespictures on Instagram), painting, and writing. I’m also an outdoors enthusiast! I love hiking and rollerblading and picnics. I am looking forward to a great summer!

  • Linda Bassick began reading music shortly after learning to read words, playing the clarinet and then baritone horn for many years in a competitive marching band in the Boston area. She finally picked up a guitar at the age of 19 and  as an adult has added flute and trombone to her repertoire.  She received her BS in Early Childhood Education from North Adams State College (MCLA) and holds a teaching certificate for K-3.  She recently retired from doing a high quality Birth- Three childcare program 3 days a week in her home for 11 years.  She has played in many bands where she was the ONLY woman, Currently she is a member of the Burlington based 60’s tribute band, Mellow Yellow, and has been seen around town playing with the 7 piece, all woman band, Steady Betty.  Linda has played music for children for MANY years! She has been playing kids music every friday at the Radio Bean since January of 2013. Linda came to GRVT in the first year as a lunch time performer and facilitator of the panel of women performers for the final day of camp.  In years two and three Linda was guitar instructor and band coach.  Linda has been the director of Girls Rock Vermont since 2013.

  • Paterson Hodges: I’m an illustrator and guitarist from Toronto, Canada. I love to draw show posters, write songs, and play sparkly guitars.

  • Levy Stamatov is a Comedian, Writer, Director, Producer, and Musician. Some of her past work includes video projects for Daniel Caesar, Billie Eilish, Halsey, Caveboy, CBC Comedy, and TruTV. Ievy is the Co-Founder and former Host of Lemon Comedy: an international stand-up showcase celebrating diversity Comedy Central called "timely, interesting, and noble," and the award-winning Punch Up Comedy show in Toronto. Ievy also plays bass in So Young.

  • Lauren Kop A vocal and music education major at San Diego State University, Lauren studied classical music, music theory, and audio engineering, which has provided her a foundation with the way she approaches her music and teaching. After receiving her Bachelor of Music degree, she starting collecting synthesizers and delving into sound design when she became fascinated with analog synths and drum machines. Lauren started producing with Ableton Live in 2013, utilizing it in the studio to write songs, which resulted in her synth-pop project mini bear. With years of experience and dedication to the mastery of Ableton and music production, her passion for sharing her expertise and empowering female producers has led her to facilitate Ableton classes and workshops that focuses on maximizing your creative potential through technology. 

  • Kat Hamilton is a west-coast, singer, songwriter and performer. Hamilton has had the career trajectory of a chameleon; lending her talents to pop-punk, emo, r&b, hip-hop, pop, and country. The singer is no stranger to reinventing herself. In 2017, Hamilton ended her five year run as the front woman of popular east-coast pop punkers, Manic Pixi. She reemerged with her own vulnerable approach to Americana, with a touch of indie pop. In addition to her buzzy career as a solo artist, the performer spends her time teaching tomorrows rockstars. The Berklee alum works with students of all ages, teaching voice, guitar, bass, piano, rock band and performance coaching. She also teaches a beginners songwriting curriculum and songwriting clinics upon request.

  • Cat Raia is a drummer and a mixed media artist hailing from Minneapolis, MN.
    She builds ice castles, rides trains, and floats down rivers. She likes playing punk and metal music and eating tacos!

  • Kate Stanley is a special education teacher in the Chicago area. Last year was her first year at Girls Rock! Chicago as a guitar teacher and band coach. When she isn't teaching, you can find her traveling the world or trying a new recipe in the kitchen. Kate has volunteered with many non-profit organizations in the past and is excited for this new opportunity with Girls Rock! Santa Barbara. 

  • Ashlee Moseley is a musician, artist, and entrepreneur, spending the last 20 years as a chef, actor, and business owner. She is the guitarist and lead vocalist in the rock band Bourbon Squirrel and as a solo folk performer is known as Lillian Lee. She has also played in several Rock Roulette bands.

    Ashlee is a graduate of  KD Actors Conservatory of the Southwest and has a history in youth leadership within the performing arts community. She has been a full time GRD volunteer during camp season since 2015. Ashlee is most eager to play a part in providing tools and resources that will continue to empower GRD youth to express themselves with fearless confidence. She is also looking forward to creating additional sustainable programming and growth within GRD.

  • Liliana Johnston - They are currently a senior at Santa Barbara High School. They have been learning/playing guitar for four years and enjoy it as much as ever. They are the president of SBHS’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance, and worked with people of all gender expressions for two years at Girls Rock. Liliana has been singing since they were a todler, whether it be for musical theatre, or with their community’s group, The Chumash Coastal Family Singers. They enjoy listening to music of all genres, riding their bike, playing with their cat, Fiona, baking, reading queer literature and spending time with their friends and loved ones.

  • Kia ora! My name is Billie Rogers and I am a coordinator at Girls Rock Aotearoa. My hometown is Auckland, New Zealand. I have enjoyed a career in music as  bass player of the trio Street Chant. I have 15+ years experience working in childcare and graduated University with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Arts. My involvement in Girls Rock has been a really special way for me to combine these three passions. This kind, unique and community focused learning environment is something I believe needs to be fostered and I'm excited to see it happening.

  • Ruby has been a vocalist for over 10 years, and played piano since they were 7. Recently grabbing a guitar, Ruby is the front person of TYPICAL. Ruby was one of the original members of Girls Rock! Melbourne and is an Intersectional Feminist and Music Industry Professional with a breadth of knowledge. Ruby has a deep love for sociology, empowerment of marginalised peoples and the restorative impact of music.

  • Crosby: As a song writer and producer in music, I challenge myself to seek out that which inspires, and I enjoy motivating others to find what inspires them. Being an electronic artist as well as a folk artist, I care deeply about the creative process and the philosophy behind what music means to each individual. I bring my knowledge and learning cap to every interaction I encounter, as I believe we can all enrich each others’ lives with our unique ideas and backgrounds. 

  • Emma Christensen is a California-born, Malaysia-raised musician who is super excited to be a counselor for Girls Rock SB this summer! She is first and foremost a singer (but also a pianist, guitarist & songwriter) and is working towards a degree in music education from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. In college she has been lucky enough to be a part of a female-identifying a cappella group as well as the choral and musical theatre programs. When she’s not busy running between rehearsals, you can find her reading, traveling at any given opportunity, or having really terrible nightly dance parties with her roommate. 

  • Paula Tamara Lizama Henríquez. I am 19 years old, I was born in Chile, but at 14 I came to live in Lima, Peru. I come from Valparaíso, a city of artists. Daughter of Luz Henríquez, Singer who has developed the research work of singing therapy "la voz propia". I have been trained in singing since I was 5 years old. I am a singer, accordionist and music workshop, I teach musical early stimulation for children from 6 months of age and I am currently working in a school for children between 1 and 5 years old and I am carrying out research on free and alternative pedagogy. I am in my second year of training as a dancer of contemporary dance, ballet and Afro-Peruvian dances. I have training as an actress, improvisation and teaching alternative education methodologies. I have musicized works like "The girl from the used books" and "Impro Big Band." I have a great commitment to education, I believe that giving the heart for education is the way to a transformation. I have participated in Wami Rock Camp, belonging to the GIRLS ROCK CAMP ALLIANCE, as a counselor in 2018 and as a voice teacher in 2


  • Bridgette Snyder is a teenager whose passions include music, teaching and volunteering. At Girls Rock, she can do all three, pursuing her dream of being able to teach music to kids and other teens. She is a 2018 graduate from Olive Grove Charter School and an SBCC Student aiming for her Music AA and teaching certificate. When she's not playing music, teaching music or performing, Bridgette enjoys writing stories, keeping up with friends, catching up on her Watch Later playlist and going to shows to encourage fellow musicians and enjoy their work. Bridgette has been involved in Girls Rock since she was fourteen years old (a freshman) and hopes to continue to work with them throughout her adult life.

  • Brooke Steele, besides the obvious music, loves clif bars, hoop earrings, gaming channels and paint. She spends her days either pasting clippings she found on her wall or cooking Indian, American or Mexican food.  Even though she doesn’t really believe in astrology, she knows her alignments by heart- Gemini sun, Sagittarius moon and Leo rising. See ya soon.

  • Jalyn DeBardlabon is 16 years old and enjoys music photography and has learned plenty of what she knows from Girls Rock SB. She enjoys to sing (especially in the shower), and her love for all genres music is so immense. In addition, she devotes plenty of her time to track & field and volunteering, and she is president of a volunteering club called Key Club. She will also soon be joining her school choir in her senior year of high school. What really keeps bringing her back to Girls Rock SB is her love for music, her love for learning, the outstanding staff, and appreciation for the inclusive atmosphere.