Staff FAQ’s


What will I be doing?

As a member of the Girls Rock Community, your main job is to help campers grow, have fun and stay safe — and you help to create the environment where this all happens! Many counselors teach activities, so during the day you will be working with campers from various divisions in that activity, or helping campers get from activity to activity.

What is a normal day like?

A counselor’s day is a lot like our campers’ days: they wake up at 7:30 a.m. and help campers get ready for their day. Together, counselors eat breakfast with their campers at the dining hall. After breakfast, counselors help campers to their activities before heading to their own activity areas.

At lunch, counselors meet their campers back in the dining hall, enjoy rest hour until 2 p.m., then head back to activities for the afternoon. Then camp gathers for dinner assembly before entering the dining hall for dinner. Dinner is followed by free time, then night activities! Afterwards, counselors and campers retreat back to their bunks and hit the hay to get refreshed for the next day. 

Where do I sleep?

You will live in a shared dorms with one other counselor. Dorms are located on our private 196-arce mountain campus. On average, our cabins are approximately two years old and have bathroom facilities just outside the rooms.

What’s the food like?

It’s awesome! We have a very talented full time, year-round chef who provides hundred of meals to campers and staff in the summer months. Meals are family-style and portions are unlimited. Drinks and snacks are available in the dining hall all day long, so you’ll never go hungry. All food preference are accommodated.

Can I have a car at camp?

Yes, counselors can have their cars on campus. Staff cars must be parked in a designated Staff Parking area away from the main campus.

Are non-us citizens eligible for staff positions?

Yes! We have a very diverse group of campers and staff and we welcome people from all over the world to be part of our team.

When will I get paid?

Seasonal staff have the option of getting paid bi-weekly or getting paid in one lump sum at the end of their contract. Upon accepting your offer, you choose which you would prefer.

Will I need to bring spending money?

Spending money is not necessary because everything you need is provided from accommodation to food. However, many counselors do choose to spend money during their time off.

Do I get time off?

Yes! Everyone needs to take a break and we want our staff to remain energized and excited for camp, so counselors get time off to ensure some relaxation and fun. Counselors get time off one full day per week, in addition to one night off.

Is there a curfew?

Maintaining safety and security on campus is extremely important to us, so we have a curfew of 12:00 a.m. (midnight) for our staff. Those living in dorms should stay in their dorms after lights out while on-duty. During off-duty times, counselors are free to be in the staff lounge until midnight. We understand staff members want to have fun, however, getting enough sleep is necessary for staff members to function well in their role at camp and to be a good role model for campers.

What is your policy on tobacco and alcohol use?

Girls Rock SB has a strict substance-free policy. Tobacco and alcohol are never permitted on campus .We have a designated smoking spot off campus. Those found breaking this policy will be terminated.

How long will the commitment be?

The summer camp program runs on a weekly basis. The volunteers/staff selected to participate will be required to participate for at least two weeks of programming, Saturday to Saturday for sleep away camp, Monday to Friday for Day Camp. For After School Programming volunteer/staff commitment must be a minimum of 1 afternoon per week. After School programs run M-Friday from  2:30-7:30 pm ( some days till 8:00 pm) . 

How many hours a week can I expect to work?

Sleep Away Camp: At Sleep Away Camp everyone works between 40-45 hours per week and has one 24 hour period off each week.

Day Camp: At Day Camp folks work either full time ( 8 hours per day ) or part time (4 hours per day ) shifts. Friday is our showcase day and the hours are extended by 2 hours that day. 

After School: At the After School Program volunteer/staff commitment must be a minimum of 1 afternoon per week. After School programs run M-F. from  2:30-7:30 pm. After School Program runs for 10-weeks in the Winter/Spring/Fall.

What is the Application process like? 

We open Volunteer/Staff Applications in November of each year. You will be contacted by Jan. 15th to schedule an interview. Offers will be made no later than Feb. 15th, giving you ample time to book your travel and prepare for your summer travels. After School applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Getting to camp? Travel questions answered.

With the exception of our first week of Sleep Away Camp ( when staff is required to arrive Tuesday pm to begin staff training on Wednesday am), all sleep away staff must arrive the Friday before their week begins ( Sleep Away weeks start on a Sunday and end on a Saturday ) They also must stay through the showcase the following Sat. 

We will pick up from the LAX on Saturdays. You are welcome to travel to camp on your own schedule but if your travel is outside of these parameters we will not be able to provide transportation for you. 

What type of positions are available? See below. 

We have 3 types of programming this year:

  • Amplify Sleep-away camp (7 sessions)

  • Girls Rock SB Day camp (2 sessions)

  • After School (14-week sessions Spring/Fall)

What is the Pay? 

Day Camp is $250-$500/week

Sleep Away Camp is $250-$500/week plus room and board

After School is $15-$22/hour

How do I apply?

Submit your application online before the deadline.