Are you between the ages of 14-18?

Get involved in our Teen Council and help shape our organization and take part in organizing our community events.

The teen council meets the second Sunday of the month at 1 pm at 1 N calle cesar chavez sweet 102 in the Synergy Building and helps to put on Girls Rock events.

• "Public School"

• Plan our GR reunion

• Help book bands for summer

• Advise our board of directors

• Learn about advocacy and and more.

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+ Do you have to be in Girls Rock to participate in teen council ?

No. You need to be a high school student who identifies as female, non binary or trans youth . Bring your friends with if you want.

+ How often do we meet?

I will meet with you all once a month (if you want) the third Sunday of the month from 11-1 at Synergy . 1 North Calle Cesar Chavez. Suite 102 in SB

+ Whats the point of getting involved?

Because we think it's rad to stay connected to each other and the community. Because you'll have the opportunity to lead . Because you'll get community service hours. Because you'll get to plan super cool events. Because you'll get to book bands and workshops and learn a lot. Because SB needs something fun and cool and youth driven ( SERIOUSLY THIS ONE)

+ Does it cost money?

Nope + all our events are free to attend. ( come on we know high schoolers don't have any money)

+ Whats your contact info?

Jen Baron, 805-861-8128,

+ Is this going to be boring? A meeting sounds boring and i'd rather sleep .. Have you met me?

Boring is generally not the words people use to describe me:) But in all seriousness, I can't promise you'll love it, but I'll bring ya'll pizzas and I think you'll have fun.

+ What are some things we can do on the teen council?

Skies the limit babies. Book bands, book workshops, organize a festival, take a trip to magic mountain, help us plan summer camp, draw flyers for our shows, DJ our events, lots of performance opportunities, do our Sat. instagram takeover. Whatever you can dream up , we can do. This is a safe and inclusive space for you to connect with each other and yourself .