Amplify Typical Day

7:45 am - Wake Up

Wake up in your cozy dorm room surrounded by one or two of your new best friends. Counselors gently encourage everyone to get ready for breakfast, where flannel pajama pants and T-shirts are perfectly acceptable. When everyone is ready, step outside into fresh mountain air and beautiful blue California skies. Make your way toward the dining hall.  Campers arrive at the dining hall and sit at a table with all their new friends. The counselors are also dispersed throughout the tables and talk to the girls about the days activities. There are so many cool options it’s hard to choose, but go right ahead - it’s your camp!

8:30 am - BREAKFAST - Gluten Free & Dairy Free Options 

9:15 am to 9:30 am - Morning assembly.

Here you'll find out all the details about your day, be entertained by our famous Skit Time Players and play a few games to get our day started.

9:30-12:00 pm- Become a journalist, rock star, film maker, photographer and more - we’re off to Tracks!

The staff of each of our  “Tracks” take their group of excited campers to their program locations, where they spend the morning learning, exploring and having a blast. Musicians go to their instrument classrooms, Music Producers go to the recording studio and so on....every Track has a place. Each concentration has a director who is an expert in that specialty area. They’ve developed a full week of fun programming to take each camper to the next level, whether they are already experienced or absolute beginners.

12:00 pm - LUNCH - Gluten Free & Dairy Free Options 

Campers reconnect with their friends and counselors at lunch. If anyone has a birthday, expect a custom-made cake and the whole camp singing Happy Birthday to you, including our guest all-female lunch time bands, a highlight of the week!

12:30 to 1:00 pm - Every day of camp we bring in a new and amazing lunchtime band to play for the campers followed by a fun questions and answer period. Often guest artists stick around and help out for the remainder of the day giving our youth lots of time to get to know them. After lunch is over we head out to afternoon activities !

1:15 pm to 3:15 pm - Elective Activity Period

Our daily elective activities are another camper highlight. Choose from a daily list of super fun activities such as: Swimming, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Coding, Music Video Making, Dj-ing, Arts and crafts and more.

3:15-5:00 pm - We're back in our Tracks

Music track students are in band practice. Film Making students are working on the music video they will produce and more.

5:00-6:00pm - Camp free time and Campus Store

This is down time for our campers. It's the time when we encourage letter writing home and taking a break. This is also a time when our camp store is open. Campers can purchase camp tee shirts, sweat shirts, Sweat pants, water bottles, stickers, and healthy snacks.

The sun may be setting, but the fun continues!

6:00pm - DINNER- Gluten Free & Dairy Free Options 

Your counselors will get you dancing and singing at dinner, and you’ll learn all of the Amplify traditions. Then, still buzzing from an incredible day, everyone at camp gets together after dinner for the night’s evening activity block.

Tonight you could be going to karaoke, watching a movie with your friends, attending a dance, going night swimming, or experiencing another of the many fun events and surprises we have planned.

7:00 pm - Evening Activity Special Event Block

8:30 pm - Evening Assembly

9:00 pm - Get Ready For Bed

9:30 pm - Lights Out 12 and under

10:00 pm - Lights Out 13+

10:30pm - Lights Out LIT’s